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  • My wife and I couldn't be happier with Radiant Life. Dr. Andy and Dr. Eric are fantastic. When we began the process Dr. Andy was... read more

    Brett R. Avatar
    Brett R.
  • Dr. Andy and Dr.Eric are incredible! They have taught our family so much about keeping our kids not only healthy, but thriving. When we first... read more

    Tana C. Avatar
    Tana C.
  • We love Radiant Life and the compassionate care our three grandchildren receive from Dr. Andy, Dr. Eric and all the amazing staff there. They are... read more

    Joyce C. Avatar
    Joyce C.
  • We love Radiant Life Omaha, everyone who works there are all wonderful people!! We started going to Radiant Life Omaha several years ago for... read more

    Rachel C. Avatar
    Rachel C.
  • These guys are the best! So compassionate and educated. I’ve taken both my babies here for reflux and both had relief after seeing the doctors... read more

    Kali H. Avatar
    Kali H.
  • We love radiant life so much! They have brought back peace to our home! My daughter and I were having hour long power struggles every... read more

    Emily B. Avatar
    Emily B.
  • We love Radiant Life! Our son loves going and we have seen improvement in the calming of his nervous system and his breathing. The staff... read more

    Nicole D. Avatar
    Nicole D.
  • Radiant Life has been a tremendous help to our family. I have seen a huge improvement from the time we started to when their scans... read more

    Kara T. Avatar
    Kara T.
  • When we started coming to Radiant Life, we had 2 children. We brought our new baby with acid reflux issues and had our toddler checked... read more

    Elizabeth B. Avatar
    Elizabeth B.
  • We absolutely loved our time at Radiant Life. Everyone in the office is so kind and patient with the children, even when they are having... read more

    Jill L. Avatar
    Jill L.

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