25 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself When You’re Stressed So You Can Take Care Of The Ones You Love Most

Here we are – smack dab in the middle of the holiday season. Feeling the stress of it? Have you noticed added stress in your sensory kids? So many times we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season…

As you go thru your celebrations and begin to feel stressed, remember to take care of yourself – even if it’s only a few minutes a day.

Here are 25 simple ways to guide you through the stress, so you can be refreshed and able to take better care of those you love most. Perhaps some of these are spot on for you – and perhaps some you can tweak so they fit you just right.

  1. Rest when you’re tired.
  2. Cry when you’re sad.
  3. Go for a walk with someone you love.
  4. Sit down, close your eyes and breathe.
  5. Take a bath.
  6. Color.
  7. Stop when you’re full.
  8. Exercise.
  9. Listen to the rain.
  10.  Help someone in need.
  11.  Wrap yourself in a blanket.
  12.  Sing a song.
  13.  Paint a picture.
  14.  Talk to someone who really understands.
  15.  Turn off the television.
  16.  Pray and meditate.
  17.  Take a nap.
  18.  Give a hug.
  19.  Read a book.
  20.  Listen to music.
  21.  Drink water.
  22.  Laugh.
  23.  Be honest with yourself.
  24.  Eat healthy food.
  25.  Learn about something new.

May the peace and joy of the Season bless your home!

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