3 Tips To Overcome Infection

Why does my child keep getting sick?

This is a question that is way too common nowadays. Remember back when you were in elementary school; maybe a couple kids would have chronic sickness. There has to be a key!

Did you know that the immune system can be suppressed? Literally slowed down and unable to work when it needs to. Imagine doing your job with your arms tied behind your back… yeah, that could be your child’s immune system struggle right there.

How does the neuroimmune system become dysfunctional?

  • A spine problem – this literally changes the efficiency immediately. What is more important than the neurological control of the immune system? NOTHING. Major neurological controls to the immune system lie in the spinal cord as well as a major part of the lymphatic system.
    • Spine Problem = immune and lymphatic problem
  • Mucus causing foods – keeps bacteria and viruses around because your body cannot cough them out.
  • Possible medication reactions – co-managing a patient is always recommended.
  • Constant exposure – the immune system gets worn down when it is forced to work overtime. (Constant or intense exposure to viruses, bacteria, vaccines, etc.) Manage exposure to allow the immune system to develop and recharge.

What to do NOW to boost the neuroimmune system

  • Pediatric chiropractic – Your child’s neuroimmune system may have been dysfunctional for longer than you realized. So, make sure that your child is seen for the proper length of time and not shorter. Too many times the problem is not fully corrected. We have experience of thousands of cases so we make sure your child gets exactly what they need. Message us anytime on FB or our website.
  • Food – Check out my previous blog post about mucus causing foods and empower your child to heal.
  • Rest – Sleep is the time for the body to restore itself. Resting is also a time for the body to expend more energy healing and less doing other things. Watch for an upcoming blog on resting effectively.
  • Don’t wait. The faster we begin healing the immune system the faster your child is on the road to health!

I’m already doing these things!

Immune suppression is a common problem of a child’s system being run down. It takes time and consistency of doing the right things over and over. Keep at it and don’t stop your consistent action and this will ensure their body is working the best it can. Neurology gets stronger the longer it is working correctly. Same goes for when it is working poorly.

Be committed and you’ll see results.

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