7 Common Myths About Autism


What is autism?

Autism is a “spectrum disorder” that stems from a biological condition that affects the development of the brain. In short, that means it’s characteristics vary significantly from person to person.

As you can imagine, there are many myths surrounding autism, so let’s talk through a few of them.

1.Myth: People with autism will outgrow it.

Truth: Autism, for many individuals, is a lifelong condition. However, when there’s early intervention in a child with autism, they’re able to make enough improvement to “test out” of the diagnosis. We can’t say enough of the importance of addressing autism as early as possible.

2. Myth: People with autism don’t want or can’t make friends.

Truth: One of the characteristics of autism is a struggle with social skills and making friends. This makes interaction with peers difficult. These children may seem shy or unfriendly. That’s because they aren’t able to communicate the same way as their peers.

3.Myth: People with autism are intellectually disabled.

Truth: Often autism brings with it exceptional abilities. Many people with autism have normal to high IQs and some may excel at math, music, and many other areas. Autism causes thinking to run in a linear fashion – think parallel lines not able to connect – so they are unable to bring it all together.

4.Myth: People with autism can’t feel or show emotion.

Truth: Autism doesn’t cause someone to be unable to feel emotions the same way you feel them. It makes the person with autism communicate emotions – and “read” your facial and spoken expressions – differently.

5.Myth: People with autism can’t understand your emotions.

Truth: Autism affects the brain’s ability to understand unspoken communication. So reading someone’s body language, tone of voice or sarcasm is very difficult for someone with autism to be able to detect. When emotions are expressed more directly, people with autism are much more likely to understand and express empathy and compassion.

6.Myth: All food dyes cause autism.

Truth: You will notice the greatest behavior improvements with adding in more fresh vegetables and fruits and eliminating red dyes and processed foods.

7.Myth: Autism can be cured.

Truth: Autism isn’t something to be stopped or reversed. However, we’ve found answers in treatments that have shown to be very successful in helping to manage it. And the earlier intervention can begin, the better.

Life is all about quality. Sensory problems, digestive issues and emotional control issues affect the quality of life. 

Trust your parental instincts.

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