A Moment Of Peace

Think about where you are in your life. The people you are friends with, the way you make money, your health, and the family you have built. ‘How did I get here?” This question either brings on a feeling of FREEDOM or being TRAPPED. Which one did you feel?

It hit me hard recently after having a few conversations with people in my life that we were created with an amazing amount of freedom. This freedom is only available to you if you truly understand it. The only person in your life who has made decisions is you. Yes, there are special circumstances where you were physically overpowered. BUT, other than that, once you left your parents house and became an adult, life has been real.


When you have a decision to make you decide to either take action or not. This is a decision that leads to an outcome. Simple. If you felt trapped it is likely because you feel you do not have any control over your life. This is an overwhelming feeling and completely false. Two pieces of this puzzle have to happen to overcome a feeling of trapped. Make a decision and then work hard to see it through. A decision will be made either way but without work we are relying on the world to provide for us and you quickly realize the world is not too nice. Here is your chance. Work hard for what you want. It may be the most difficult thing you have ever done but it can be done!


Peace. A weight has been lifted. This is the moment of peace the title refers to. My hope is that this Thanksgiving gives you the chance to appreciate how amazing you really are on a personal level. It’s easy to see how amazing others are but to be able to turn that mirror around and give yourself a compliment and empower yourself can be the hardest thing you ever do.

No person controls your thoughts, actions, or what you can have in life. As parents, sometimes it feels as though our kids control our lives but that is a good point of refocusing that we are the adult. Once we grasp this reality of freedom of choice and work ethic the world is ours. If you want to spend more time with your family, figure out how. If you want to be healthier as a family, figure out how. If you want to make a certain amount of money, figure out how.

I Don’t Know How!

Don’t be afraid to ask someone who has what you want. They are more than willing usually to share with you and guide you along the way. A great point here is that if you really want a life change you may have to bug someone until they help you or can point you in the right direction but ultimately you just have to work until you get that change. You can do this! I have seen it too many times! It is your choice to be the victim of circumstance or to work hard to get through the tough stuff and really enjoy the life that you want!

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