Anxiety. What causes it? What calms it?

anxiety is an energy

Anxiety is an energy in all of us. What causes it? What helps calm it?

“Never in the history of anyone telling anyone else to calm down, has anyone ever actually calmed down.” ~Meme

Anxiety is an energy for all of us that seems to creep up. Its subtle for a while. Manageable. Kind of in the background. 

And then before we know it, we’re swimming in it. It’s the same way with our kids. They’re waking up anxious…going to school anxious…going to sleep anxious. 

A child with processing issues (sensory struggles) has a greater tendency to have anxiety.

If their brain is struggling with processing, they’re unable to communicate what they want, how they want to get it or when they want it. 

As parents, what do we do?

So many times, when a parent has a kid with processing issues, sensory issues, behavior issues – they Google to try to find answers.

And end up with about a billion results. Not helpful. Not clear direction on what will help that child. 


The number one way that our brain gets information is through the sensory system. That’s how it can know what’s going on in our lives, all around us, as well as inside of us. 

The brain’s ability to get information properly is key to being able to process properly.

Which is key to being able to respond properly with good behavior or be able to do math or being able to coordinate things. 

The number one way that information gets to our brain is called proprioception.

If proprioception is off, that means the prefrontal cortex – the front part of our brain – shuts down. It’s not getting information. Therefore, it’s road closed. 

In our office, when we perform a neurological scan on a child whose proprioception is off, it comes out looking something like this:
anxiety and proprioception

Everywhere that’s red means that the body is struggling to tell the brain what’s going on.  The brain can’t tell what’s going on. 

If you’re having behavior or processing issues with your kid, most likely their proprioceptive system is off. 

They’re brain’s ability to know what’s going on inside their body and around them is not working properly. 

God made the body to heal and regulate itself.

God made the body to heal and regulate itself. And that means when the proprioceptive system is turned on, kids are able to regulate their emotions better. They’re able to do better in school: Pay attention. Sit still. Focus.

It’s helpful, as a parent to understand why these tough times are happening.  

It’s empowering as a parent to know what helps your child not have to struggle so hard to have emotional control. 

It is peace-giving in a family to know what works, what helps, what exactly you can do as a parent to promote and provide peace. 

Here’s to you!  

You’re an amazing parent to be at the point of wanting to understand your child and what helps them in setting up for their future. 

We’re here to support you. 

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