Are foods triggering my child’s behavior?

Diets are such a trigger word in general, right?

Food changes are overwhelming as an adult, let alone trying to figure out our kid’s “diet.”

Most parents often wonder if their kid’s food intake is affecting their diet. So many times we’re quick to cut out gluten, or dairy, or whatever other food might seemingly be triggering a behavior. We get this question all the time!

Sometimes these behavior issues will even look like food sensitivity issues! From colic, to hyperactivity and ADHD, to just downright sassy kids, all of these are just disfunction or overwhelm in their brain.

The problem with food sensitivities is that more often than not, the problem starts with their neurology.

Think of it this way: If their brain is so revved up, zero brakes, then food that they’re sensitive to will

just amplify it even more, right? It’ll add fuel to the fire.

So at our office we start with the neurology. Calming the brain down so that their body can better handle whatever life throws their way! Including what food goes into their body. Maybe they don’t even need to get rid of different foods. Wouldn’t that make your life easier not h

aving to worry about nitpicking their diet?

After we get their neurology set then we can look into foods, or screen time, or a different trigger or stressor.

This is what we do at our offic

e. We walk you through the process and show you what to look at first. Then we hold your hand and point you to the rest of the rocket fuels that could be a factor.

It all starts with calming the brain down. That’s what we do, all day everyday. We plug kid’s brains back in and get their neurology connected. This is just how God intended them and He gave us the tools to do this well so that your kid can Grow and Thrive just as He wants for all of us!

We’re so thankful that we serve a God of PEACE, HOPE, AND ORDER. Let us know how we can better help you! Can’t wait to talk to you.


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