Are You A Concerned Parent? 4 Things To Know As You Contemplate The Possibilities Of Chiropractic Care For Your Child

1. Notice their behavior. Watch for abnormal behavior in your child.

Behaviors like frustration, anger, meltdowns, their development not up with other kids their age, cries of pain that are unconsolable…

One mom described her baby’s cry like this: “Kids have normal cries, normal pain. This cry was super different. The pain cry. After feedings her legs would stiffen. Her stomach was rock hard. Thankfully for me it wasn’t during the night. It was mostly during the day. I would massage her and the massages helped but not for the long term. Everything I tried to do to help her didn’t work. I’d never felt so helpless. My baby was hurting and I didn’t know how to help her. She was about 3 weeks old…and I hated being a mom. And I felt so guilty about hating it. I felt so helpless.”

“I’m so glad I began bringing her to Radiant Life. I can tell when it’s time for an adjustment. She’s fussy. She’s cries more. She doesn’t burp as easy. After an adjustment she’s happy and smiley. Having her happy makes me happy. I know what she needs and what helps and I feel empowered knowing how I can help her. She’s just a little person.

When we began the adjustments a couple of months ago, we came in three times a week and now – just this week – she has graduated to once a week. And the best part is her body is holding the adjustment. I feel so relieved. I know it’s silly but I feel like a good mom and it feels great.”

2. Understand that the changes that your child will experience will take time.
The change that comes with the adjustments is a process. It’s a beautiful thing to witness and it happens over several weeks.

3. “The reason we came in is because we wanted to get my son off medication…
…I didn’t want him on meds in the first place but I didn’t know what else to do. The medication made him so angry and not himself. Coming to Radiant Life has been so worth it.”

4.“The adjustment is gentle. It’s not super physical…
…I love how he explained how everything worked, what he was doing and how each specific thing he was doing would help her little body function better.”

“The change from when we first started coming to Radiant Life to now is phenomenal. It came a little at a time but looking back, I’m amazed. It’s hard to believe this is the same kid.”

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