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Adrenal Fatigue

Discovering The Stresses Of Your Life

What’s Happening To Me?

Your body has a short term ability to deal with stress. It utilizes your adrenal glands to pump your body with cortisol and adrenaline to get your out of the stressful situation. This chemical dump in your body affects every single organ in your body and is helpful when you need to fight or flight. If the stresses are constant and do not let up your body gets burnt out and loses the ability to balance itself and heal. Your adrenal glands run out of cortisol and adrenaline which forces them to use other hormones and eventually your body runs out of all of them. NOT GOOD!

With stress removed (the organs aren’t being used) and time your organs can fill back up with the chemicals they need and your hormone levels can balance back out to normal. Both pieces are key to regaining health and feeling great again. Living vs Surviving.

Life Stressors To Manage

Emotional Stress

-Prayer (focus on how you are created in God’s image)

-Peace and Rest (Not taking on too much activity and finding time to be quiet)

Nerve Function

-Your brain and nerve system control and regulate everything through your spine. If you have a spine problem then your ability to deal with stress is lowered dramatically!

-Get checked and adjusted by a specific chiropractor (find a doctor here)

Nutritional Stress

-A lot of grassfed and raw fats (coconut, butter and cheese from Europe, pastured eggs, beef, etc)

-Don’t spike your insulin (low glycemic index foods)

-Whole foods (no boxes, cans, pretend foods)

Physical Stress

-Poor posture (wears down muscles and circulation)

-Flexibility and Balance (increase circulation and tension)

-Large Body Movements (increase metabolism, circulation, and tension)

Chemical Stress

-Cleaning chemicals

-Processed food chemicals

-Vices (smoking, chewing, drinking caffeine or alcohol)

-Lotions and shampoos

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