Autism Diagnosis? What To Do Next

Autism or ADHD Diagnosis? What To Do Next.

Why Am I Frustrated?

Too often parents tell me, “If I only knew about what you do for kids when my child was first diagnosed their life would be different.”

The concern and overwhelm has already begun by the time you realize your child would benefit from a sensory or autism evaluation. Before the rigorous day long evaluation even happens you are usually waitlisted for months. All of this work and worry, just to come away with a possible diagnosis and no direction or more frustrating, no diagnosis or answers.

So, now we are sitting at a point of diagnosis and a stack of 200 resources that you know will cost a lot of money and time but no guidance. OR, no diagnosis which gives you zero idea of what to do next.

Sadly, this process likely sounds all too familiar.

What Do I Do Next?

The good news is once you identify your child’s brain is not developing normally you can accept that it is gonna cost money and time. Better news is that your child’s brain never stops developing so if we put the best input into their brain it will continue to develop as long as you decide to keep working with them.

If you build a house out of order is it going to be as strong and beautiful as you pictured and hoped for?


The brain works the same way. Development must move through stages before proper progress can be made. So randomly choosing a therapy will have benefits but will your child see the most benefit in the shortest amount of time which also happens to equate to the least amount of money spent? Knowing how to prioritize saves both money and time, most importantly, allows your child to develop to their maximum potential

How Do I Help My Child The Most?

In my experience, it is rare that a doctor or parent understands what is happening inside their child’s brain. It is time to learn as much as you can and surround yourself with doctors who can help you understand logically how a child develops. You have been volunteered for a long term experience of working with your kids whether you wanted to or not so it’s time to make some decisions.

Finding a doctor and support group that supports the logic and research of brain development is key! This advocacy will help you work to understand how a brain develops and what the most important therapy is to choose first, second, and so on.

What Does Radiant Life Have To Offer?

There are doctors out there that do understand how your child brain works and understands the fact that not every child fits a mold of therapy. Unfortunately, they are difficult to find and rare. At Radiant Life, Dr Andy loves helping parents navigate this world of neurology making it simple and understandable. His goal is to help your child reach their maximum potential and save you the absolute most time and money possible!

Whether your family lives in Omaha or around the world Dr Andy will gladly help connect you with the right doctors and therapy centers for your child. Getting started sooner than later is important when we consider the rapid neurological changes we see in young kids so do not hesitate finding resources and advocates for your program of development for your child!


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