Autism Increasing

There has been a 30% increase in autism in the past 2 years. Now 1 in 68 kiddos will have autism in the United States. Boys are 3 times more likely to have autism than girls. This is why it is important to provide your child with the care they need. In the recent studies Annals Of Vertebral Subluxation Research, focused primarily on 3 year olds diagnosed with autism. These children like many of your children suffered from delayed cognitive abilities, motor abilities, and the most common, speech abilities. In the research there was an issue with the spine and nervous system due to subluxation in all cases. In this study chiropractic care helped reduce some of the issues that come with autism.

Your child’s nervous system is in a state of sustained sympathetic stress (fight/flight). I’m sure you can see it every time you look at them. Your child could be having attention and focus problems that can be a barrier in school and at home. Furthermore, poor balance, coordination, and sometimes can’t connect the dots. This could be due to a disorganized and poorly connected brain. Your child’s brain could be disconnected from the central nervous system causing all that difficulty in your kiddo. Basically, your child’s brain cannot properly perceive and coordinate sensory signals coming from the environment. When your child’s brain has difficulty generating responses it could be because they do not have proper perception or coordination. This is caused again by the disconnection between the brain and central nervous system. Chiropractic care can benefit your child by helping connect that disconnect. Help your child fit the puzzle piece back and reconnect the brain and central nervous system. In turn your child could have an increase in their perception and coordination as well as a decrease in symptoms. What more could a parent ask for? Accessed 6 Apr. 2018.

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