Autism Symptoms Don’t Stand A Chance

If there was a way to see how every system in your child’s body was working would you get that test done? The answer for most parents is a resounding YES! Well that is exactly what we do at our office using state of the art neurological scanning equipment. Related to autism and ear infections, a chronic presence of ear/nose/throat system dysfunction is an extremely common sign of future neurological delay as well.


Your child can achieve way more than you ever thought possible!!! Autism, sensory processing,

seizures, behavior struggles, etc… Keep these in mind as you read. By looking at brain development and stressful areas of life we can find the most effective methods of giving the highest quality of life to all children with autism! The point, WE CAN MAKE HUGE CHANGES IN AUTISM SYMPTOMS TOGETHER! click to see how…

If your kid is struggling with speech/reading, focus, coordination, development, and behavior they are dealing with a brain that is locked in stress mode (Gas Pedal). So many times ear infections are a clue that a stressed out system is present. Autism therapies such as speech, OT, and PT are not able to reach their potential while your child’s brain is stuck! Why aren’t more people talking about this!?

Their brain is only concerned with survival, not learning and growing.

Their brain controls every single action of the body, most importantly growth, development, and healing in their bodies. It accomplishes this by sensing the environment and reacting through the nervous system. We have 7 senses. We all remember the 5 we learned in kindergarten but the most impactful sense is the sense of gravity (proprioception=good signals). This is the ONLY constant intense input into their brain. To make it more obvious, how often does your body feel the effects of gravity on it? 100% OF THE TIME! Therefore, if this sense is not working well then their brain is receiving scrambled intense signals ALL THE TIME. Is this relaxing to their brain? I don’t think anyone would say yes to that.

Their nervous system reacts to gravity in two ways: Fight/Flight (Gas Pedal) or Rest/Digest (Brake Pedal) response. If it is receiving clear good signals their brain and body are in brake pedal mode, a state of growth, development, and healing. If their brain receives disorganized intense signals their brain and body become stuck in a state of stress, GAS PEDAL (fight/flight) = poor development.

Neurology tells us their brain receives most of its signals from the joints of the spine. As a chiropractor we ensure their spine is working correctly as it feeds their brain ~90% of the good signals (proprioception) it needs from their body. Like a teeter totter, if your child’s spine is not working correctly then their brain receives less good signal and more bad signals (STRESS) locking their brain in gas pedal mode. Does this sound like a good thing?

Gas Pedal Mode = Decreased Ability to Grow, Develop, and Heal. With improper motion, fluid drainage, and stress, how do we expect our kids not to have ear infections?


By replacing proper movement in the spine we can guarantee a majority of the input into their brain is correct. With this stress decreased and their brain able to relax we see a brain ready to learn, grow, and develop. That is exactly what chiropractic does. We see this happen every day in our office!

At this point you may be wondering if your child is dealing with a stressed out system. In our office we closely monitor the progress we make to ensure your child is living to their God given potential. We give you answers to the questions most doctors cannot. As one of the few facilities in Omaha that has specific scanning equipment to measure the “bottled up stress” in your child we know exactly what it will take and what therapies need to happen to get your child performing at their best ability. This technology advantage makes all the difference in seeing change!

The longer your child’s brain is left in gas pedal mode the deeper they become hardwired for stress and symptoms may become more intense .

Here’s the best part! When their brain and body get back in balance, how well do you think your child will learn therapies? Therapy becomes more effective and quality of life goes up dramatically! Every single child we have ever taken care of has seen a massive quality of life change in some aspect of their life. The key to seeing this change? TAKE ACTION NOW!

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