Babies should poop ALL THE TIME, shouldn’t they? What happens when a baby can’t poop? Poop is toxic and NEEDS to get out.

Babies poop ALL THE TIME…

Don’t they?

They should!

A seemingly funny subject, gross to other people, but it’s a frustrating one for so many! Parents, remember the first time you got pooped on? Good times.

At our office we were talking to a mom who said that her baby is pooping only ONCE every FOUR days! We need that stuff out! It’s obviously not comfortable when that toxic junk is just sitting inside. This is so important to remember.

Often times when this happens, the parents feel helpless. Their baby is crying, not sleeping, meaning the parents in turn aren’t sleeping. This is never a good time for anyone.

If this is happening in your family, remember this:

You aren’t a bad parent!

You’re an amazing parent and your kid is lucky to have you.

Poop is toxic. It’s meant to take all of the bad stuff out of our body and remove it. Our body doesn’t want it anymore.

Our goal is to get this system moving so your baby can truly Grow and Thrive!

We just recently had a case at our office of a little kid who wasn’t necessarily having trouble pooping, but sleep was a struggle and just was uncomfortable and didn’t feel okay. Just a very unhappy baby. They took her to the doctors and they agreed, a very unhappy baby indeed.

After we had taken care of her, the family took her back to the same pediatrician (forgetting what was said about the baby prior to her time at Radiant Life) and told them it was the happiest baby they had ever seen.

Talk about night and day difference!

They were so excited to tell us after this report. We love hearing these stories! Even better, we love getting to be a part of them!

Now the whole family is benefitting from her feeling better! We’re all so excited to see what life has to offer for this kiddo now!

When your baby poops better, they’re more comfortable, and that means more sleep for the whole family!

Our concern for what will happen with these kids who don’t poop regularly, is that they won’t sleep, their system won’t be calmed down and the effects of that are never fun. We have seen it all at our office. We’ve seen the meds kids have been put on, the level of discomfort, and the frustration of their body not knowing how to express their discomfort.

So many times these kids are put on medication for their digestive system for the rest of their life! Who wants that when their body can function the way God intended?

There is hope for these kiddos!

We know that when we calm down a child’s brain, when we calm down the digestive system, they become regular, more focused, and just experience a better quality of life overall. We’ve seen it time and time again at our office.

Then they can go back to being a healthy, happy growing baby or kid, you can go back to being less worried parents, and everyone gets to experience the best possible outcome.

We’re so excited to help walk you through this! Let us know how we can help.



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