Back To School. Is Their Immune System As Strong As It Can Be?

Getting kids ready for school should be easy. After all, it’s just a list of to-dos, right?

Out of bed.



Brushed teeth.


Shoes on.

Homework notebook signed.

Backpack on.

Loaded in the car.

With the average attention span of 8 seconds for the average person, then throw in a side of focus challenge and difference of opinion, and suddenly…

Morning school prep is a wrestle.

Have you had time to ask yourself, “Is their immune system as strong as it can be?”

Sometimes that gets overlooked or simply thought about last.

Think about it, your little one is now surrounded by other children hours upon hours a day. Sharing everything from their favorite game at recess to the germs left behind on desks and doorknobs.

Here’s a short list to help you know what the immune system looks like in your child when it’s not as strong as it could be.


Itchy, watery eyes

Runny, stuffy nose



Sore, itchy throat

Clearing their throat


Blowing their nose




Trouble sleeping

Lack of appetite


Enlarged Tonsils

Food Sensitivities/Allergies

What can be done to make your little one’s immune system ready for school?

Usually, the first few weeks – while you’re getting accustomed to the new routine of drop off, pick up, meal planning, lunch money paying, notes to teachers and homework checking – it’s really easy to feel overwhelmed with it all.

So – let’s simple it up.

Imagine if your little one wakes up with a smile. Dresses himself, skips all the way to the kitchen and sits down for breakfast. Then scampers to the bathroom and brushes his teeth without you having to remind him. Grabs his backpack. Asks you if you signed his assignment notebook and says, “Come on, Mom!” as he hustles to the car – 15 minutes earlier than ever before.

(And you want to celebrate with a happy dance!)

Because not only can you see that he’s starting to ‘get it’ and maybe – just maybe – you won’t have to follow him to college to make sure he brushes his teeth lol… but he was HAPPY and relaxed and your morning together was unpressured.

Not to mention…no coughing, sniffing, sneezing, crying, complaining of a headache, grumbling…

Feel like a daydream?

Well, this mom used to think so too until it happened to her.

After a series of chiropractic adjustments for her autistic son, she said, “Just dropped Skyler off at freshman orientation. He owned it like a boss. Beyond calm this morning!! Up first time I woke him. Was organized too. No fidgeting in car. Happy conversation. Walked in with his head held high & said “love you mom!” As he walked inside!”

So again…What can be done to make your little one’s immune system ready for school? (Even after school has started.)

The brain has to regulate every single function of the body. Every system of the body. Including the immune system and the sensory system.

And a full 80% of the information that the brain receives from the body is through the spine. So, if the spine is not working properly – it will be impossible for the brain to have the correct information – or enough information to be able to regulate the systems of the body.

Therefore, your child will experience coughing, headaches, sneezing, sniffing, crying, etc. Chiropractic is the best way to provide drug free answers for your little’s immune system struggles.

If you’re little one is suffering, call us today.


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