Biology of Bad Behavior

Our brain is always working correctly. It takes in our senses and forms memories and images. Then we reflect on our memories and experiences which create our behavior toward life. Your child’s spine plays the most important role in the information that comes into their brain. Between 80-90% to be more exact! That’s a lot! This is why pediatric chiropractic is so important in checking your child for spine (brain) problems that are fixable. That’s what we do, but what can you do? The more unaware we are of our senses the more out of control (overwhelm, tantrum, confusion, self absorbed, etc) our lives become. Help your child be as aware as possible of their senses, surroundings, and experiences. This is known as right brain living. Here’s how!


  • Walking in the woods (admiring God’s creation and beauty)
  • Create something (cooking, painting, drawing, blogging, writing, sculpting, etc)
  • Socializing (no drinking lol)
  • Meditation, relaxation, prayer, practicing gratitude, etc…
  • Making love 🙂


Create healthy boundaries

  • Be consistent
  • Follow through earns respect

Encourage manners

  • Respect and gratitude

Knowing your child’s reinforcement strategy

  • positive vs negative

SENSORY OVERLOAD!!! What causes senses to be crazy??? Physical Stress – in utero constraint, birth trauma (forceps, vacuum, cord-wrapped, c-section, epidural, etc) Chemical Stress – toxic foods, antibiotic overuse, chemical exposure (house chemicals, new houses, etc) Emotional Stress – bullying, labeling, guilt, worry, self doubt Hope this helps! If so, call us, follow us, or share with a friend.


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