Blessings Of Being A Parent

Let’s stop and take a second to realize that your kid has YOU as a parent.

God gave YOU the privilege of being a parent.

We know parenting can be an incredible challenge, but at the end of the day you’re doing a great job! God is so proud of you for the energy and time you put in to being the best possible parent for your kiddo every single day.

You’re a constant in their life to guide them, to love them, and show them God’s Goodness.

Your kid is so blessed to have you as a parent.

The more we spend time with so many different parents, we get a first hand look at different family dynamics and different parenting styles. We get to watch parents mold kiddos into the humans they are! We get to watch parents shape kids into their uniqueness and their identity in Jesus.

Dr. Andy was a handful as a child. He gets to watch a bunch of versions of him in the office and he sees the struggle that his parents went through in these parents. He has amazing parents, and they did an incredible job trying to discipline such an unruly, fidgety kid.

This is exactly what we see at the office. Parents trying their very best to do the very best for their kid. This is what we see in you as a parent.

We’re proud to partner and connect with you as parents.

We love to get to pour into your kids as you pour into them. We’re so thankful that you choose us to help you along the crazy journey that is parenting!

Always let us know if you have any questions! We’re here for you as you hold your kiddo’s hand through life.

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