Blue Light. Rocket Fuel for a child.

blue light rocket fuel

In this day and age, it’s so easy to hand a child a phone or tablet to entertain themselves or keep them occupied. Maybe we just need a minute to do something and know where they are. (They are mesmerized by the screen and won’t run off somewhere while we are answering emails, folding laundry or fill-in-the-blank.)

The trouble begins when it’s time to get them off of it. Right? Perhaps you’ve experienced the angry meltdowns, tantrums or sulking. 

Why do the angry meltdowns keep happening?

Well, there’s a physical reason that it happens. 

It’s been proven that the bright and blue-toned light affects the brain in a way that might surprise you. 

Screens, as you know, emit a bright, blue toned light.  Phones, laptops, tablets, computers, televisions, monitors of all kinds. 

Blue light is all around us. The good… 

Blue light is all around us. The good thing about it is in its natural form, blue light helps to regulate sleep and wake cycles.  It helps elevate mood, boost alertness, heighten reaction times and give an overall feeling of wellbeing. 

And the not so good…

Where blue light is a good thing, too much exposure to it can cause fatigue, headaches, sleeplessness, and eyestrain.  For a child, they’re not able to communicate the presence of these factors. A child isn’t able to say ‘I have a headache and my eyes hurt.’ ‘I’m having trouble sleeping.’  Fluorescent lights, LED, electronic devices, and digital screens (phone, tablet, computer, television screens, gaming systems).

To be clear, there are wonderful things that a child can learn on a screen. It’s when it becomes a constant, and/or emotional control is out of control.  It’s time to understand the why behind it and to trim the amount of time they are exposed to the blue light of a screen.

If you’re experiencing angry meltdowns with your child, especially after they’ve been on a screen, reach out to us.

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