Brain Balance Is Key

Our brain is an amazing organ that controls and regulates absolutely every aspect of our life. From the way that we deal with stress to the way we enjoy every day of our lives. The issue we find is when there is a large imbalance in our bodies. As a society you are quick to jump to a conclusion of needing to change your diet, which may be a good choice but there are deeper habits that have the ability to impact our entire lives; the ability to impact your child’s brain development.

Have you ever heard of a child who is amazing with numbers? They are so good with numbers that all they want to be around are numbers. People mean very little to them. Concepts become uninteresting. In our society this is seen as normal many times. Though it is not our place to judge what another human should enjoy or be good at we are able to see patterns of development that make a young child struggle all the way through adulthood.

We live with faith that our nervous system (brain and nerves) is sensing our surroundings correctly so we may react in a productive way. With the types of lifestyles like we mentioned with the numbers, we see a child who may have a lower quality of life than their potential. You see, our brain grows by what it is exposed to and how often. So when a child is exposed to one topic excessively that part of their brain develops and other necessary areas do not. To keep the biology simple think of it this way. One side of our brain grows whenever we sense details. The other side grows when we sense concepts or big picture ideas. What many parents do not realize is that when one side grows much faster than the other we begin seeing neurological development delays (autism, ADHD, seizures, OCD, etc…). Hopefully you realize from that last statement that the quality of life of ALL THESE KIDS IS CHANGEABLE!

Remember, the key here is to expose your children to balance. Not immerse them into the same experiences all the time. Of course, once a child is older and has a preference for certain activities I would highly encourage them to practice perfection in those activities to their hearts content. Keeping in mind that continuous exposure is what life is about. Learning, growing, experiencing, and loving the journey of growing up until you are 100 years old and realize that you are still growing up 🙂

Main Ideas:

1- Give your child new experiences as often as possible. Allow new things!

2- Try not to feed the exact same daily experiences with your child because brain development depends on a lot of different experiences.

3- We are all amazingly different and your child’s life will guide them in the direction of what they love to do.


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