Calming Your Overstimulated Child

How does overstimulation happen?

It’s probably pretty obvious that your child’s brain is hyped up and overstimulated. But how the heck does this happen? Let’s keep it really simple and see how simple this really is…

A brain grows, develops, and adapts by receiving sensory input. If this input is clear and pleasant the brain responds correctly. When sensory input is overwhelming and distorted your child’s brain gets put into overstimulation and overwhelm! Hyper, angry, confused, hysterical, zoned out, etc… Sounds familiar huh?

Here’s what you can do!

-Become aware of your child’s senses. Think about what your child might smell, feel, hear, see, or taste that is overwhelming to them. When they are overstimulated remove them from these intense sensory experiences and let their brain calm itself. They will calm down.

-Technology is great but abused in America. More than a hour a day is a ton of visual and auditory stimulation for kids. You may be thinking, “Screen time is how I calm down and it seems to calm my child down too.” That is because it is releasing massive amounts of stimulant chemicals into your child’s brain. How do they act when you take it away? Pretty intense probably. It’s like taking a drug away from a drug user.

80% of your child’s brain input comes from where?

If the majority of input is low quality then your child’s brain works and develops at a lower quality. Movement of the spine is responsible for over 80% of the input into the brain!!! Have you had your child’s spine checked by a pediatric chiropractor? At Radiant Life we are 100% focused on kids with sensory struggles so we know this world very well.

The sensory system is complex but figuring out what is overstimulating your child’s brain is key. You can either Google search many random things and guess at what is overstimulating your child or you can start at the foundation. Contact us and we’ll help you figure this out!

If you would like help finding an awesome pediatric chiropractor who can walk you through the process of correcting that 80% of brain input contact us. We are here for you!

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