Can Chronic Sick Kids Get Better?

Chronically sick child get better?

Is it possible for a kid who is chronically sick to get better?

Chronically sick meaning constant ear infections, sinus infections, congestion, sneezing, allergies.  They always have a stuffy nose, or their voice just sounds like their nose is stuffed or a persistent cough.  Perhaps they’ve been through rounds of antibiotics, steroids and maybe even tube surgery.

Is freedom from constantly sick really possible?

Today you’ll see three cases where parents brought a child into our office with one or all of these symptoms and after care with us, they’re constant-infection free and can simply enjoy life.

The process is as simple as 1-2-3:


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Schedule a consultation.  

The visit will take about 30-45 minutes on two different days.  

Day 1 Tell us about what your child is struggling with and what you’re struggling with.  Then we’ll scan your child’s neck and spine (and yes, you’re welcome to watch).

This will show us where the muscle tightness is and let us know how well the immune system is working.  

Day 2 Together we’ll walk thru a printout of what we learn from the scan and give your child their first adjustment.  The cost of this two day process is $100.


Finally learn what can be done to help your child be free from constant infection and sick days.  And you’ll be free of so many doctor bills and so much worry. Then you can both get some sleep.

We aren’t curing anything in our office.  We aren’t fixing anything. Our bodies are God-designed.  Our brain is able to regulate the immune system when it’s plugged in properly.  Birth, life events, etc sometimes cause our immune system to need specific adjustments to be plugged in well.

All we’re doing is plugging the immune system back in.

 God is doing the healing.

God is making the immune system work.

What does a scan look like?

The scan of a normal immune system has all white bars forming a pear shape down the spine.

A normal scan 

Sick his whole 9 months of life.

Here’s a scan from a child that has been sick all of his 9 months of life.  Antibiotics, steroids, and even tube surgery. After all of that, he was still getting infections so now his family has found us and drives 2 hours just to get to us and then 2 hours back home again.

Sick kid scan

His scan is stunningly colorful – you can see all the red, blue and green bars.  Those colors are telling us that his immune system is practically shut down and unable to work properly.

After one week – only 4 adjustments – and now his nose is finally not running.  His parents are ecstatic and looking forward to further progress his body will be able to make as his immune system gets plugged back in with the series of adjustments.

An 8 year old girl constantly sick

Below is a scan of an 8 year old girl that had been sick her entire life.  Constantly sick. You can see the scan shows red bars at her neck, blue at her upper back and green along the rest of the spine.  

8 year old was constantly sick

With all the colored bars, you can see that this scan shows she had a very disconnected immune system.

After care no infections since

Her After scan is so amazing with all the white bars and only one tiny green one.  Absolutely amazing. Now, she hasn’t had an infection since.

A boy who came in for behavior issues and the immune system works now too

Sick boy with behavior issues too

This scan is from a boy whose parents started bringing him because of behavior issues. not knowing how tight the muscles in the neck were – which were preventing the drainage system to work properly.

Night and day difference

The beautiful thing is – the adjustments addressed both issues, behavior issues and immune system issues.

After care, he had less allergies, not sneezing as much, etc.  And now, the scan is much clearer. His allergies are better. And his behavior is like night and day difference.

It’s time.  And it’s worth it.

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