Candy Insanity!

The post Halloween Crazies..

Are you feeling this?

We had a family come in this week after Halloween saying “my kid ate a lot of candy this week, we might have a problem.”


The reality is, if your kid ate a bunch of candy and is acting kinda “crazy”, you likely DO have a problem. 

But we’re here to help you through this!

We’re here to help you see the problems that these artificial foods can and will have on your kid’s body.

We’re here to help your kid not be crazy! It might seem like your kid is trying to be crazy, or almost wants to be crazy. Trust us, we see this every day. No kid wants to misbehave. No kid wants to cause their parents frustration. We’re here to help.

This is the time of year where all the chemicals and dyes are thrown at your kids. From Halloween, to Thanksgiving, to Christmas, even to New Years. This is the time of year when we all start to loosen our hold on our healthy food intake. It just happens whether we mean to or not. But this is also the time of year where your kids bodies can be overloaded with foods that are detrimental to their developmental health.

As you allow your kiddo to consume things that we know aren’t good for them, watch how they respond. It may seem like a treat at the time but knowing if it is revving up their brain may be the key to better behavior.

Dyes and Chemicals are the main things we’re looking at now during Halloween candy season.

One of our knows this better than most. They have a son who can’t have red 40. He has bad reactions to it. As a family, they talk about this and both their kids are being taught to look for it in different foods.

They talk about it so much so, that this past weekend their daughter who is very young kept telling them they couldn’t have the “bad 40.” This little lady realizes how sensitive her brother is to these dyes and chemicals.


If you’re watching your child struggle with this, now is the time to take action to help them with it. How do we do it?

The best and most simple way to do this is to write down everything your child has eaten that day and even the day before so you can best pinpoint what’s affecting your kid.

Often we don’t think of candy as food, but it’s still something consumed that your body has to deal with. So the more you write down what’s consumed, the more easily you’ll be able to track what is causing problems in your child. You’ll see correlation between foods, and more importantly the ingredients in the foods, that are affecting your child.


If we can find the link in chemicals that cause your child to react in a bad way, we can change your kid’s life for the better. 

Often we don’t realize that these chemicals are in the foods they eat. When we do this it’s like having expectation on your kid but having them drink ten cups of coffee and still expecting them to perform at the same level. Good luck getting them to calm down.

If we’re healthy, we can’t get our bodies to calm down after 10 cups of coffee. Why should we expect anything else from our kids with these chemicals altering them?

This is what Dr. Andy went through as a child and even in adulthood, and this is what so many families at our office see all the time! We can help walk you through this. Just reach out. We’re excited to hear from you!

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