Can’t Keep Up? 3 Ways To Simplify What’s Most Important

As parents, when we’re hurting, the last thing we want to think is that we did it to ourselves. That’s the worst feeling, right?

So many times – we hurt ourselves without realizing it. That’s what we’ve noticed in our own live’s anyway.

The last thing we want to do is guilt you. We’ve found that you do an overachieving job of that on your own. And we just want you to know – You Are Amazing.

You juggle sooo many things.

From carpool to cooking, cleaning, doctor appointments, smiling, chatting, supervising homework and chores, keeping everyone in clean clothes, good meals, a fresh home…

Not to mention the emotional support you give of just listening, noticing and responding. You’re amazing!

Our goal is to give you perspective so you can make your life easier.

These are the top three things we’ve noticed makes the biggest difference in your child from one visit to the next:

  1. The amount of screen time your child has had.
  2. The amount of focused time your child has been active this week.
  3. The amount of time you’ve spent together (especially mealtime).

Over the next three weeks, we’ll walk step by step through each one and talk about some simple ways to do each of these.

Though these are simple ways – they’re not necessarily easy. Perhaps you can see how all three of these work together and so much depends on you.

We want to help in every way we can so you can give your child success.

You’ve got this!

Just know that once you’re in a routine, you’ll feel a relief that is very much like the relief you feel when you take off shoes that have been pinching your feet.

And you’ll give a big stretch and breathe a big sigh of relief.

So if you’ve ever felt like…

”I just want to know what will help and not feel so desperate anymore.”

“I just want to know how to help my child sleep.”

“I just want to know how to introduce new foods with his or her major food texture issues.”

“I want to know why the ear infections just won’t clear up.”

Perhaps you’ve asked:

  • Is it something I caused?
  • Is it something I’m doing?
  • Is it something I can help?

The questions are endless.

The answers are here.

It is not your fault. The key is to start from where you are.

The secret to success is consistency. (Which, of course, is easier said than done.)

However, step one – we’re gonna pick one of the three in the list above and get started.

Next week we’ll walk through some simple ways to limit or eliminate screen time and help you get your child more active so their brains will get the information that will help them best learn and grow and prepare for their futures.

Come in today and get the answers you’ve really, really been wanting.

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