Is chiropractic care good for a newborn?

chiropractic care and newborn

Is chiropractic care good for a newborn? Chiropractic care doesn’t always have to do with back pain and old age. 

Although back pain may be caused by spinal issues it often does not appear in a child. 

It’s often thought that because our baby is freshly out of the womb there aren’t many issues to worry about. 

But, as the spine is developing there can be many stresses and traumas that we hadn’t thought of. 

For example, a newborn may have repetitive stress injuries and minor traumas. 

Many mothers in the United States have had increasingly medicalized births. Many births are done by ob’s in hospitals and evidence shows that we are leaning into an overwhelmingly high amount of C-Sections compared to any other country in the world. 

What can this mean for your newborn baby? 

It means there is a likelihood of birth trauma. Think for a moment about the amount of stress your newborn experiences to come into the world. 

Since the newborn baby is still developing, a stressful birth can cause extra strain for their newly developing spine. A newborn baby is unable to communicate spinal discomfort yet and so we often don’t notice anything until they’re older.

Additionally, there can be an increase in spinal traumas through the use of car seats, diaper changing, or when your baby is taking their first steps. 

It’s interesting to note that what we notice from these stresses and spinal traumas when they’re older are ear infections, unexplainable crying, behavior issues, sensory integration issues, colds, colic and so on.  

Your baby may be new to the world but, is already being affected by minor traumas that will interfere with their normal healthy function. 

Your child’s spine is constantly developing. 

When learning how to walk what does a child do? 

Take a few steps and then fall to the ground, over and over again.  Which is good! Continuing to try until success (so they don’t have to crawl for the rest of their life, right?!)  The downside is that this repeated falling could hurt their bottom which is connected to the spine or they can accidentally hit their head on the couch causing another trauma to the spine. 

Your baby is constantly trying to walk more and more and as that increases so do the many times they have stress injuries. 

At this time, pain may not be an obvious symptom but, as a growing child, there can be abnormal bone growth, body malfunction, and can overall hurt their health in the long run if left untreated.

The three major stages of development in childhood. 

The first developmental stage begins at birth with minor traumas and constant stress injuries to the spine as they begin their first steps. 

The second developmental stage is age 5 to 10. This is where your little one isn’t so little anymore and is beginning school. At this time they begin to have recess playing with swings, slides, or maybe even monkey bars where they can easily fall resulting in spinal injuries. 

These falls can cause the spinal bones to lose their normal position or ability to move enabling physical growth. Further resulting in nervous system interference and malfunction like hyperactivity, learning disorders, bedwetting, allergies, and asthma. 

Lastly, the third developmental stage is age 10-15 the last stage of development which can be detrimental if your child has not yet received chiropractic care. Here is where we see the effects of your child’s spinal growth having an impact on organ systems as well as posture. 

Early detection and awareness of the benefits of chiropractic can enhance and better your child’s spine. 

This can decrease the chance of serious problems in the future. 

The body can heal itself

The body can heal itself. All you have to do is give your baby the opportunity to benefit from chiropractic care as early as possible. Your baby deserves a healthy spine and a healthy nervous system before they reach adulthood.

Healing happens fastest in forward movement

Working with you is a beautiful thing.

You may notice, as your child gets more and more chiropractic adjustments, they seem to magically be able to handle transitions better. What a beautiful thing to witness.

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