What does chiropractic and essential oils have in common?

Chiropractic and essential oils

Interestingly, essential oils and chiropractic have these elements in common.  They both have very powerful abilities to support the immune system and provide brain health.

The beautiful thing about health is learning all of the many ways we can support our bodies to be strong and to support our children in their healthy development.

A. Support the immune system

First of all, it’s important to keep the immune system supported in any way we can. Especially this time of year when it’s cold out and the kids are at school, daycare, public library, indoor playgrounds, etc.

Our kids are exposed to germs, bacterias and toxins.  When children have a strong immune system that is functioning properly, their body is able to fight off all of those germs, bacterias and toxins.

Essential oils help a body to have strong immune organ function.  A couple of oils in particular and we’ll talk about those in a minute.

B. Promote brain health

Optimum health includes a brain that is able to coordinate and regulate the systems of the body.  That way, all the systems can be controlled and regulated, including the immune system.

What are essential oils exactly and how do we take them?

Essential oils are the intelligence in the cell of plants that keep the plant safe.  

Interestingly, the benefits of essential oils are found whether we take them topically, like in a lotion or rub; aromatically, in a scent; or internally by ingesting them.

So how does that relate to chiropractic?

So speaking chiropractically (is that a word?)…hm, as pediatric chiropractors, there that’s better.  

As pediatric chiropractors, we check your children by the emg neurological scan to make sure their brain is able to get the proper input from the movement of their spine.  

If it’s not getting proper input, it simply is not able to coordinate and regulate the systems of the body, including the immune system.  So that looks like, cold after cold, lots of congestion that just won’t clear up…or clears up briefly but comes right back.  It looks like persistent ear infections and chronic infections of all kinds.

There are some specific essential oils that are super good at supporting our immune system and promoting brain health.

1.Frankincense.  We’ve read about frankincense many times in the Bible.  If you’re like me, perhaps you didn’t know exactly what it was or what the benefits of it are.  Frankincense has been around for thousands of years and used for pretty much everything under the sun. It’s great for so many things because it helps support our cells.

Most importantly, frankincense is antiviral and antibiotic.  As a result, frankincense is fantastic at supporting brain health.  It is instrumental in helping to balance both hemispheres of the brain side to side.

2.The other essential oil that works exceptionally well for the immune system and brain health is a combination of wild orange, clove and cinnamon.  This is a combination that has “superpowers” at being antiviral and antibiotic.

(Different companies have different names for this oil combination.  DoTerra calls it OnGuard. Other companies call it Thieves. Look for the three ingredients of wild orange, clove and cinnamon.)

Are essential oils safe for kids?

Yes.  Essential oils are non-toxic and are safe and effective for kids.  They are great at fighting infections and bacteria.

The two things you want to pay attention to with giving kids essential oils.  

Those things are…

  • make sure that the essential oils you want to give a child are pure, therapeutic grade oils without extra fillers in them, and
  • just like with medicine, the dosage of essential oils for a child is smaller than for an adult. That means that dilution is important.  With essential oils you want to dilute a specific way. We usually use a carrier oil like olive oil or what’s called fractionated coconut oil.  

If you need help with the proper way to dilute the oils, please message us.  We’re happy to help you understand how to do that so you can keep your family safe.

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