Will A Child ‘Grow Out’ Of Chronic Ear Infections?

Chronic Ear Infections 2 year old

We love working with kids who have struggled with chronic ear infections, ADHD, constant sinus infections, neverending coughing, behavior issues like angry meltdowns, being kicked out of daycares…

A 2 year old came into our office with chronic ear infections.  This little one had had ear infections their ENTIRE life.

Endless medication, multiple surgeries, even surgeries that they got talked into that they didn’t want to do…

They came in with no hope and with no explanation that made sense.  

They’d been told two things multiple times before.

  1. Their child would ‘grow out’ of the ear infections that they’d had for 2 whole years, and
  2. The reason that the fluid wouldn’t drain was because the inner ear tube was horizontal.

How many kids are born with horizontal ear tubes?  

Every single one.

And so, if these reasons were the truth, then every single child would have chronic ear infections.  

The bottom line is, chronic ear infections are not about horizontal inner ear tubes…they happen because there’s an issue with the spine and neck that is preventing the immune system to be plugged in properly to the brain.

The brain controls the immune system.  If it’s not plugged in properly, it’s not able to work properly.

When there’s an issue with the spine and neck, the brain goes into survival mode and orders the muscles to tighten and protect.

This tightening prevents proper drainage which gives constant infection.  

Mom started questioning, “Will my child ever be healthy?”  She said, “There’s something wrong! I know there’s something wrong!  It doesn’t make sense that when my child’s immune system isn’t working now…how it could work when they’re older.  So how can they ‘grow out’ of it?”

It made her feel crazy, like a bad mom, anxious, discouraged and questioning herself and her intuition.

When a child’s immune system is disconnected from the brain, it cannot work properly.  If it’s disconnected, the brain doesn’t have control over it.

Surgeries, medication and diet can shift everything somewhat, however, if the immune system is disconnected it must be reconnected in order to work.  

And when that happens…the turn around in these kids and these families is REMARKABLE!

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