Cleaning up our kids’ behavior.

“Stop that!”

“You should know better by now!”

“Settle down!”

How often do we find ourself coming back to the same issue with our kiddo? OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

It starts to be like that chore that you endlessly find yourself doing.

We even start to just have a feeling that it’s coming, right?

You find yourself just waiting for it to happen again..

Eventually, we start to realize there’s a deeper issue here.

Kids’ behavior shouldn’t have to be like a never ending chore. Your kid’s behavior is not the dishes or laundry.

If we keep attempting to correct our kids’ behavior, we get overwhelmed, frustrated, angry.. and sometimes we find ourself doing things we never said we’d do.

We’re here to share some HOPE in how God made the body!

The body was designed to regulate itself. How many times have you gotten cut and it’s healed? How many times have you gotten sick and your body has recovered?

Just like those situations, our kids’ behavior is often a direct correlation to a disconnect in their basic foundation.

That’s what we do all day, every day. We see kids with the craziest of struggles and we get to experience their excitement when they start to behave better. No kid actually wants to be a “bad kid.” We get to see this first hand.

God’s design is our bodies to regulate, heal, digest, and just function properly.

The fancy word for this is “homeostasis.” Once we get your kid back to this, you’ll start to see that light come back to their eyes. You’ll start to see the connection when you ask your child to do something.

We know, because it’s all we do!

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