Dr. Andy got a puppy.

Dr. Andy and his wife Kelsey just got a puppy.

She is the cutest thing in the world.. until she’s not.

Okay but she’s still pretty darn cute even when she’s naughty..

Often they will come home from a long day and she will be CRAZY. She’ll be running around, she’ll be biting, not listening, and just being a pain in the butt!

But what Dr. Andy and Kelsey have realized translates so well into parenting real kids (not just fur babies).

Have we set clear boundaries?

If their fur baby doesn’t understand what she is and isn’t supposed to do, then how can she follow those rules or boundaries?

She doesn’t want to misbehave, just like every single kid at the office, but she doesn’t know any better yet! So it’s our job as parents to establish clear boundaries so they can do their very best!

Another thing Dr. Andy and Kelsey have learned with this new puppy is that, like kids, if she hasn’t let out pent up energy, she’s going to be a ball of crazy! So it’s so important to let the kids get their energy out!

So if kids have been running around all day and they still are acting crazy, let’s look at what they’ve had as fuel that day!

If kids have had a bunch of dyes and preservatives, or just a bunch of junk and sugar, of course they’re going to be wild! Of course they aren’t going to listen!

Just as we act like a different person if we’ve had too much coffee or alcohol, no one is going to be able to control you, right?

So the first tip in keeping our kids behavior as well behaved as possible is making sure we set clear boundaries.

The second is getting that energy used for the day.

And finally, making sure we’re fueling our kids with the best possible option so we give them the best possible chance to focus and be the best version of themself for them and for you!

Let us know how we can help! Can’t wait to hear from you.

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