Chronic Ear Infections, Congestion, Sore Throat and Cough?

ear infections, congestion, sore throat

Ear infections, constant congestion, sore throat and croupy cough are four reasons moms seek us out here at Radiant Life Chiropractic.  

Chronic – meaning continuous.

Continuous…  You know, just finishing up one infection, then you turn around and your child has another one.

Middle ear infections are common. Not normal – but SO common. In fact, they’re so common that some have even come to believe that they’re ‘just part of childhood’.

Symptoms of middle ear infection

You’ll recognize some of the symptoms of middle ear infection.  They are ear pain, fever, irritability, no or very little appetite, no energy, etc.

Infection has no ‘season’

Spring, summer, fall or winter, there’s not a ‘season’ for chronic infection.  One reason your child may be having multiple infections is…that their neck muscles are tight preventing the drainage system from working properly.  The neck muscles could be tight for several reasons. One of those being a correctable problem in their spine.

Most of the time, the kids that are brought into our office with chronic infections have a combination of factors all related – such as tight neck muscles, suppressed immune system, and the muscle in their ear that prevents bacteria and viruses from getting in – isn’t working properly.

Antibiotics and surgery are not your only options.

Antibiotics and surgery are not your only options.  However, they are a common ‘turn to’ when a child has chronic ear infections.  Most importantly, parents need to understand that antibiotics and surgery are NOT recommended as a first resort according to the guideline created for pediatrics.  There are other very effective, healing – and less invasive or dangerous – alternatives.

In short…

Here’s what to do to help your sick child right now:

First, sympathize.  Understand their irritability is due to pain.  They can’t help it nor do they understand why they hurt or how to communicate it well.

Second, understand you are their biggest hope for relief.

And third, have them evaluated by a pediatric chiropractor. A pediatric chiropractor has special training and experience to help with the mechanical and neurological functioning of the drainage and immune system of a child.

Call or come in today. We are dedicated to the health, growth and proper development of your child.

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