Five Myths Of Childhood Ear Infections

When it comes to childhood ear infections, there are things we hear over and over as parents that are simply myths.  The beautiful thing about myths…it’s empowering to learn that they’re myths.

  1. Being sick at this age is normal.
  2. They’ll grow out of it.
  3. Tubes in the ears is the only solution.
  4. It’s just the way they are.
  5. The eustachian tube is too little and curved to be able to drain until they grow.

It’s not normal for a child to be sick all the time.  Not normal, but certainly common.

Constant congestion, runny nose, recurring ear infections, sinus infections, swollen tonsils – it’s not normal.

That is every sign that points to a clogged drainage system.

That is every sign that points to a clogged drainage system.  It has to come out somehow. Think of a clogged drain in your house.  When you have a clogged drain in your house, where does it go? It spits back out.

Kinda like the congestion, the ear infections that just keep coming back.  

Are your kids especially emotional?  Having trouble sleeping?  

That’s totally understandable.  Your kids are emotional because they feel so terrible that they can’t love and engage like you want them to be able to.

God designed our Ear-Nose-Throat to drain properly.

God designed our Ear-Nose-Throat to drain properly and when it’s not, that’s when we get symptoms.  Stuffy nose, cough, sneezing, constant runny nose, high emotion, trouble going to sleep or trouble staying asleep.

When we restore the neurological control to that Ear-Nose-Throat drainage system, symptoms tend to disappear.  Yes, even the high emotion and sleep trouble symptoms.

All the parents in our office absolutely love this.  

There’s something empowering about understanding a problem and acting on a solution.  

With a simple, non-invasive, pain-free neurological scan…

With a simple neurological scan, we can know if we can help your child.  And if we can’t help you, we know where we can send you so you can get the help that you need.  

No meds.  No surgery.  And no more tubes.

Finally something that is actually going to be effective for your kids who keep getting ear infections over and over again.  

So if you’re serious about your child’s health, and you’re sick of these recurring ear infections, constant congestion and drainage.  Call us. We gotta help you and we’re happy to do it.

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