Ear Infections Aren’t Normal?

Every child is doing it!

It’s so common! Your child screams uncontrollably and cannot sleep. The pediatrician recommended to watch and wait before giving antibiotics (which is the recommended approach according to current research). Maybe this is your second, third, fourth or more ear infection and you are just frustrated. Next step is tube surgery.

What if you had options besides medications and surgeries?

By this point you have probably heard someone you know talk about their kids and chiropractic, but what is the big deal? How can chiropractic cure so many problems that kids have? The truth is, chiropractic does NOT cure anything. It’s all about understanding why your child is getting ear and sinus infections in the first place. If you’ve read this far I know that you are looking for understanding so keep going and we’ll give you some answers.

Major problems commonly causing your child’s ear infections:

●  the ear tube is constricted causing fluid to drain poorly or not at all

●  the muscles of the neck are too tight damming the fluid from draining from the ear, nose, throat system (ears, tonsils, adenoids, sinuses, etc)

●  Run down and overwhelmed immune system

Why does my child have these problems?

What a chiropractor does is look for a spine problem in kids. If there was a spine problem in your child how do you think your brain would help make it stable? Maybe tighten the muscles to hold the joint together better. That is exactly what happens so that is a major sign that there is a spine problem.

The brain controls all of your child’s muscles and organs through nerves which pass through the spine (think of the spine like a fuse box). If there is a spine problem then the fuse is blown and the nerve does not work as well. In this case, the nerves of the upper neck can cause the ear tube to constrict trapping the fluid inside the ear allowing bacteria and viruses to spread. Makes sense, right?

If you think about chronic sickness, how well does your immune system work when you are stressed out? You are more prone to get sick. So your child’s brain is supposed to control everything going on in their body through nerves running through the fuse box (spine). If there is a spine problem (blown fuses) then how is the brain supposed to do a good job? It’s like you trying to go through your day with your arms tied up!!! And do you think this is relaxing or stressful to the brain?

What can I do about these problems NOW?

So now that you realize that your child’s body is not broken but needs to be corrected before things get worse. What can you do?

Answer these questions:

●  Does my child eat mucus causing food (google them) that makes drainage work less effectively? DON’T EAT THEM DURING INFECTION

●  Does my child eat sugar/grains while sick? Sugar/grains lower immune function while they are in your child’s system. DON’T EAT THEM DURING INFECTION

● Would I rather my child had an arm problem or a spine problem? Duh! Why? Because their spine affects how their body works! If your child has the signs of a spine problem or you want to be proactive then get to a pediatric chiropractor who will tell you for sure if there is a problem or not. Then, watch how gentle a specific adjustment really is and looking back at what you have already read I hope you realize how much this helps your little one. It can change their health for the rest of their life.

The above options are suggested under the guidance of a licensed professional. Though much research supports all of the options it is important, DO NOT TAKE YOUR HEALTHCARE LIGHTLY!

As always, I hope this has helped get you back to health.

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