Ear infections – what every mom needs to know about where they come from and how to ease the pain

These articles for parents are short and easy to follow (not a lot of science-speak!). Today, take a moment to learn what may be causing your little one’s constant ear infections and what you can do to help ease the pain as they heal. Scroll down and check out these awesome, informative blog posts!

1. 10 practices your little one needs you to know to help ease the pain

Case studies and 10 practical and natural ways that work to ease your little one’s life while they heal from an ear infection.

2. Questions to consider and how to measure success

Some important questions to consider.

What if there was some way of preventing and/or improving ear pain?

What if there were ear infections that did NOT involve medications or surgery?

What if that treatment was both safe and effective?

They report on a study done of a specific schedule of treatment for 46 children under the age of 5, and the 3 factors that were used to measure improvement.

While the treatment varied somewhat, based on the individual child, a typical treatment plan was three treatments the first week, two treatments the second week and then one treatment for each subsequent week.

The results are pretty amazing!

3. Everyone loves Harvard

What’s the difference between middle ear fluid and a classic ear infection… And when can it be expected that a child may have developmental delays in hearing and speech as a result of ear fluid?

There’s a guideline towards the end of the article outlining when antibiotics may be appropriate, however, most of the parents we talk to prefer the most noninvasive and natural approaches they can have when helping their child’s body work properly.

4. What causes ear infections and some simple ways to help avoid them

Treat the problem underlying recurring ear infections (link), not just the infection. An important distinction when it comes to the health of your little.

There are several things that ear infections often come as a result of, and specific ways chiropractic adjustments help.

Have more questions about your child’s constant ear infections? 

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