Are kids healthy if they have chronic ear infections?

are kids healthy if they have chronic ear infections

Infections.  Are kids healthy if they have chronic ear infections?  No. They aren’t.

So many parents are frustrated because medications and surgeries aren’t solving the problem.  Just another ear infection one right after the other.

When parents come into our office, they’re like, “Why did nobody tell us this?”  

Parents realize, SOMETHING is wrong.  

Why do infections keep happening over and over again?  What if the problem of infection happening so much is that drainage system isn’t working properly?  

A child’s drainage system consists of tubes that are made of muscle.  That’s important to know. If the brain has trouble controlling these muscle tubes…then it does not drain well.  

Do antibiotics fix it?  

Does medicine fix the muscle problem?  No.  The tubes only drain well when the muscle is able to relax.  When the muscle is tight, no fluid comes out.

That’s exactly what’s going on most of the time when antibiotics kill the infection but the kid gets another infection, or the fluid stays in there even with the infection killed.  

Does surgery fix it?  

What about surgery to fix a chronic infection issue?  Poking a hole to drain in the side where it’s not supposed to be draining?  No because as soon as that heals, that muscle is still really tight.

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