We value our patients and the Omaha community we serve.  Just as we have been blessed with serving our patients, being a blessing is important to us!  Every patient we see means we give back more to each nonprofit organization listed below.

Here are the current organizations we strongly believe in because they are impacting their community on a personal level. The more people we help the more we give back. Let’s pay it forward together!

Young Life Omaha

It’s about sharing the love of Jesus! This ministry is all about “Reaching Every Kid” and giving them the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ.  A city wide part of a global effort giving kids a place to belong and be themselves.

Autism Family Network

A resource organization led by some of the most dedicated women I’ve ever met.  IEP meetings and knocking on the door of Nebraska’s government leaders are just a few of the benefits of knowing these women. They give their time to you, me, and every family that will benefit from finding the correct services when working through autism struggles.

Autism Society Of Omaha

Run by so many parents with kids on the spectrum.  These parents know how to have a great time and do it in a sensory friendly way.

Omaha Area Natural Parents

You have questions about the healthiest tips on raising your kids and they have the largest forum in Nebraska to answer.  Resources that are double checked for customer service and natural mindsets are all you will find here!  Enjoy your healthy family!

At Radiant Life Chiropractic, we value our community.  Thank you!

Dr. Andrew
Your Family’s Pediatric Chiroprator