Gut-Brain Connection

There are many things to be precautious about with your child. There are 3 main topics that can affect your child’s health. These are the brain and sensory system, immune system, and digestive system. These systems are a triad that interconnect to communicate with each other. Gut function is not often discussed and emphasized on, but it is important. It can affect neurological systems and cause spine problems in your child. The Gut-Brain connection has a role in sympathetic dominant neurology, also known as gas pedal mode, which further affects your child’s gut movement and function. This causes dysfunction in digestive (gut) function and possibly the immune system as well. This means your child is not only having an issue with their tummy, but also the ability to fight off infection. When there is dysfunction related to the gut brain connection in your child the VAGUS NERVE is affected. This is located in the upper neck area of the spine which control the ability of BRAKE PEDAL functions for your child. BRAKE PEDAL functions include digestion, immune system, and emotional control. Without proper function of the digestive system your child can eat the best foods ever and the body cannot possibly process it properly. Healing cannot happen to the potential your child deserves. This specific spine problem can be found and corrected at Radiant Life. It’s our passion and focus in kids.

Furthermore, if your child has autism they most likely have a gut-brain connection issue. There is already so much you have to worry about with your child, regardless of their diagnoses. All systems work together, thus it is required to look at every component of their health. It is essential to observe and analyze their gut-brain connection as well as neurophysiological issues, social skills, and behavioral issues. Some things you are able to do that can benefit the gut-brain connection are cleaning up your child’s diet and providing them with good nutrition. Although children love candy and soda, we must eliminate that from their diet in order to have a positive impact. Try removing preservatives, pesticides, and unhealthy chemicals like dye from their diet as well. We suggest a paleo or keto diet as an option for a healthier child. You can add supplements like probiotics, enzymes, antioxidants, vitamin D, fish oil, and multivitamins which can help heal the digestive system tremendously. Your child needs you, as a parent, to remove toxic and intolerant foods because they actually make things worse for them. If you need more tips and advice on eating healthy, please reach out to us at Radiant life anytime!

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