Your Child’s Gut Health

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Gut health is so important.  Everyone knows something about it or has heard something about it.  

Some facts…

There are more than 100 trillion bacteria living in your gut.  

There are so many products in Google search results that you can get when looking at that.  

How do you know what boosts your immune system the most?  

For a lot of parents, your kids have been sick for a long time and all you really want most is simply for your kids not to be sick anymore.  

What influence can we have as parents?

What we eat matters when it comes to gut health

One really, really good way of affecting the health of our children’s gut is having a proper diet.  “Proper” meaning a healthy diet.

We’ve all heard a lot of different diets and know kind of what’s good for us.  Some diets say different things, but most of them have a really similar basis for what’s good for you.  

One huge similarity is not a lot of sugar.  We’ve talked before about how sugar increases the amount of mucus your body produces and depresses the immune system.  Chemically, that’s what happens in our human body when we eat sugar.

So make sure the carbohydrates you’re eating are from fruit and vegetables.  When you look down at your plate, you want half of the plate to be fruit and vegetable and a ¼ lean protein and ¼ healthy grains (if you eat grains…otherwise, fill that ¼ with more veggies).

So to recap:

Low amounts of sugar.

High amounts of fruit and veggies.

Lean, clean protein.

Healthy fats.

This guideline gives a healthy environment for the bacteria in our gut to live.  Which in turn allows our body to absorb the nutrients it needs to thrive.

The environment of the gut

If our gut is not healthy, it’s not able to produce the good bacteria we need.  One way to supplement that is by taking probiotics to help produce those good bacteria and build them back up.  

So the bottom line for gut health is this – if the environment in our body is not suiting for the good bacteria to live (because of poor diet) and as a result of poor diet the good bacteria aren’t being produced then two things need to happen…

  1. Introduce the good bacteria back into the digestive environment, and
  2. Create a suitable environment in our gut (ie, healthy food lifestyle).

Make sense?

The absolute most important thing as far as gut health.

The spine.

The spine and the nerves associated is the communication pathway to and from the brain.  The brain controls every organ and system in our body and regulates how well each organ and system is functioning.

So, even if you’re eating the best food and taking the best supplements, if your spine is out of alignment, the brain is not getting the information to properly control and regulate the digestive system (or any of the systems of the body for that matter including the immune system and the sensory system.)

If you think of the spine like a fusebox, if the spine isn’t working in a certain area then the organs and systems affected by that part of the spine aren’t able to work like they should or could.

If you’d like a simple, pain-free neurological scan on your child so you can know how well their brain is able to communicate, control and regulate the organs and systems of their body…

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