Natural solutions for sinus & ear issues

“I am so impressed how fast chiropractic care at Radiant Life cleared up Luca’s ear infection! So happy we didn’t need antibiotics!”

This Radiant Life mom was surprised to find chiropractic care helped with her son’s ear pain. We never get tired of hearing this kind of report from surprised parents, but the truth is, testimonies like these are not rare. This time of year, ear and sinus issues are common, and chiropractic does not “cure” anything. But understanding why ear or sinus problems occur in the first place is key to understanding why kids with ear and sinus issues, like Luca, CAN and DO get better without the need for other interventions. Read on to learn more.

Testimonies like these are not uncommon, but chiropractic care is NOT a cure. THEN WHY DOES CHIROPRACTIC CARE HELP?

Here are some body issues which can result in ear problems:

  • Neck muscles are too tight which prevent ear, nose, throat system from draining (tonsils, adenoids, ears, sinuses, etc)
  • The ear tube is constricted, slowing or even stopping fluid from draining
  • The immune system is overwhelmed and run down

Ear problems are one way of the body expressing that something is not quite right.

The chiropractic approach to ear infections

What a chiropractor does is look for a problem in the spine. This is true for ear problems, behavior issues, back pain, and other illnesses. Why? Think of the spine like a fuse box. If a light in my house won’t turn on, I can replace the bulb….but if the fuse is blown, the light still won’t turn on.

The brain controls all your child’s muscles and organs through the nerves which pass through the spine. If there is a problem with the spine, the brain attempts to bring stability by tightening the muscles to hold the joint together better.

The nerve does not work as well when there is a spinal issue – the fuse is blown. When this leads to ear problems, the nerves of the upper neck can cause the ear tube to constrict. Fluid becomes trapped inside the ear, making the way for viruses and bacteria. At the same time the brain can’t do its job as well with a blown fuse, leading to a run-down immune system.

You can see why ear problems can become a recurring problem when the spinal issue is not addressed. Antibiotics can be so helpful when needed, but the body must be able to do what it was designed for – to get rid of fluid, viruses, and bacteria through proper drainage – and to fight off illness.

What can we do right now?

As parents, how can we support the body’s natural ability to heal?

Here are 3 ways:

  1. Avoid mucus-causing foods while sick, which makes drainage less effective. This includes dairy, wheat, corn, and fried foods.
  2. Cut out grains and sugars while sick, which suppress the immune system.
  3. Make chiropractic care a part of your lifestyle.

For more info about mucus-causing and mucus-fighting foods, check out this blog post. And for your pediatric chiropractic needs, reach out to us! We are honored to be part of your journey, and we can’t wait to talk with you!

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