HELP! I need my kid to FOCUS!


This is probably the reason we struggle with our child’s behavior issues and success in therapies. Lack of focus can cause overwhelm in parenting, especially in kids with sensory struggles. We see this all the time. Parents wondering how can we best serve our kids? How can we help them? How do we best discipline them when needed?

Often, we take away something they love to help motivate them to better behave. Whether it be a toy, or a certain playtime, or a certain treat, often this leads to the realization that they still struggle and still can’t focus. 

So what can we do?

Overwhelm sucks. Slow progress in therapy sucks. The hopelessness that sets in for parents from not finding a solution to help their kid is something we see at our office regularly. We know that they’re just doing the best they can. We know they are just stuck and frustrated. 


Doctor Andy was this kid. If this sounds familiar to you, Doctor Andy was your kid! We get it. As a kid, he watched his parents struggle with his struggles and even then it caused stress for him to watch his parents try to understand him. 


He didn’t understand why it was so hard for him to sit still and follow directions. 


He wanted to be good. He wanted to follow directions. He wanted to pay attention. He wanted to get good grades.


He didn’t want to have to be left out of fun activities. It just felt like that was his normal. It just seemed he was stuck this way.

In our office, we frequently ask kids if they like getting into trouble, or being punished, or seeing their parents upset?

Not once has a child answered yes to any of those questions.

Kids don’t want to cause their parents stress. 

They wan’t to focus, and pay attention, follow directions. Sometimes, they really just can’t. 

So what can we offer you at our office?


Focus allows us to have a clear goal and accomplish it. 

What we focus on is up to you. At our office, we walk you through the clear path of what it looks like to achieve optimal success with your child. We lay out what a clear plan that fits your child best.

If you want to set the foundation of your child’s sensory system so they can build and be happy, successful, and independent, you’re in the right place. We’re so excited to partner with you, to hold your hand through the process of developing your child’s best possible solution to their best possible FOCUS.

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