Hope – Is your child always sick and you need some hope?


Hope and love, that’s what Radiant Life truly stands for.

Kids are not meant to be sick. God put systems in the body like the digestive system, the immune system, the sensory system…to run the body and to ultimately allow it to heal and to function properly.

The digestive system:  When we eat something, we don’t have to think about it. Our body automatically and naturally digests it, using the nutrients and getting rid of the rest.

The immune system:  If we get sick or if we get injured… our body naturally takes care of it when it’s functioning properly.

The sensory system:  Our sensory system is amazing because it senses the world around us and allows our brain to know what’s going on and to process that information, so that we can react to it. Take heart and hope in that.

If the immune system isn’t working properly, what does that look like?

If the immune system isn’t working properly, what does that look like? Probably chronic ear infections, allergies, auto immune issues, sinus congestion constantly, swollen tonsils, swollen adenoids…

When an immune system is not working properly, there are symptoms.

Oftentimes we hear things like:

“My kid is sick again.”

“My kid just can’t seem to get over this.”

“Something is missing here.”

“I’m told that my child will grow out of it.”

“Your kids are fine. They’re just sick.”

“They’re at daycare.”

If that immune system isn’t working properly, how healthy is your child?

That your child will ‘grow out’ of it isn’t the full truth.  The truth is – they will grow into it and it will create other problems with their health.

Here’s the hope.

It could be as simple as their immune system needing to be reconnected to be able to work properly again. Oftentimes, it is. It’s tough to watch your kids struggle and there are answers.

Working with you is a beautiful thing.

You may notice, as your child gets more and more chiropractic adjustments, they seem to magically be able to handle transitions better. What a beautiful thing to witness.

Wanna chat about your child and their struggles with sensory overload? Click here and tell us what’s going on.  Helping kids like yours is exactly what we do best.  And you’ll find, it helps not just your child but your whole family.

We’re here for you!

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