How Does Stress Affect The Decisions Your Child Makes?

What is stress in a child’s life? How does stress affect the decisions your child makes?

You never need to say, “I don’t know what to do.” Here at Radiant Life we will answer the questions and concerns that’ve been worrying you as a parent. Even the ones that you didn’t know to ask about your child, their behavior, and their quality of life.

The key is to understand that the movement of the spine is responsible for over 80% of sensory input. For all of us.

As a parent, it’s especially important to understand because then we can understand that kids make decisions based on the information getting to the brain.

Their brain needs to be able to run every aspect of their body. So if their spine isn’t moving properly, their sensory input is not coming into their brain properly, and their brain is stressed out. How well can they then make decisions? Right. Not very well.

With their brains focused on surviving, the body follows.

Everything automatically becomes focused on surviving.

So then, if they even have a little bit of outside stress in their life, everything goes haywire.

For example, if they’re learning something new. New situations, new people, new environments….Sound familiar? School starting. New teacher. New classmates. Maybe new school.

Here’s what happens.

When our brain is stressed out, it reverts back to it’s primitive state. The state of survival – at all costs.

When the brain is in survival mode it automatically shuts down the higher centers of thinking. Namely, behavior, problem-solving, reasoning, thinking into the future…

These functions happen in what’s called the frontal and pre-frontal cortex (the part of the brain that makes us human). These parts of the brain, in a child, are still developing and will continue to develop until about the age of 26.

However, it’s important to understand that even though these parts of the brain aren’t fully developed, they are in the process of developing and need the proper input. When any additional stress is added to a brain that is already overloaded with too much or too little sensory input, it simply shuts down to allow survival.

That’s why it seems like you only get glimpses of who your child truly is.

Taking your child to a pediatric chiropractor like us here at Radiant Life, allows the restoration of sensory input into your child’s brain by restoring movement of the spine. Then the brain can calm down and do its job of processing and regulating the body properly.

Finally that veil is lifted and your child is able to be their amazing, kind, smart, full-of-personality self.

Keep in mind, when the behavior goes spinning out of control, that if your child’s spine is not working properly, their brain isn’t able to have the information input and your child can’t help it.

As you understand this, give them some grace.

And give yourself some grace because you didn’t understand that before. Just know – you’re a great parent. You understand now and you can move forward in giving your child an amazing quality of life.

5 ways to tell your child is stressed…

  1. Meltdowns
  2. Short attention span
  3. Trouble focusing
  4. Argues about little things that don’t always bother them
  5. Aggressive outbursts

11 things to notice that may mean your child’s spine isn’t moving properly…

  1. Meltdowns
  2. Short attention span
  3. Trouble focusing
  4. Argues about little things that don’t always bother them
  5. Aggressive outbursts
  6. Is picky about textures either while eating or touching
  7. Doesn’t like to get their hands wet
  8. Doesn’t like touching “squishy” stuff or anything rough, etc.
  9. Smells everything
  10. Chews on random things
  11. Has trouble understanding social “cues” with friends

We can help with better behavior. Decreased meltdowns that your kids are having or your friend’s kids are having.

Help save your family, friendships and create quality life for your child. Come in today.

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