How frustrating is it when the medications don’t work?

When the medications you are trying to rely on don’t help with your child’s issues, what do you do? Maybe they helped at the beginning, but not anymore. What now?

Medications are not usually tailored towards a specific person. They can be, but many times it’s very rare that they do the testing needed to make sure that medication will work for that specific person.

It’s also not figuring out why there is a problem. It’s stopping the body’s response to a problem, because that’s how God made it to work. So now the medication is supplementing and changing how the body is responding so we feel better in the short term. This can be affective but we want to know why.

What’s going on in the body that triggered that response?

Wouldn’t we rather figure out the source of the problem then just cover up our body’s response to it?

That’s what we do at our office. We set the foundation of your child’s neurology so that we don’t have the effects like the behavior issues and immune problems.

We had a patient with really violent reflux, the parents had no where to go. It was so hard for them to watch.

We were seeing a lack of rest, a lack regulation and connection in his body that resulted in this terribly uncomfortable state for this kiddo!

God made our body complex but it’s beautiful and designed perfectly to manage itself. He made the body to heal and regulate.

If we block our child’s body’s response, are we really helping them?

We love being able to help kiddos bodies from the foundation.

We love seeing the connection and regulation in kids bodies so they don’t have to feel like crap or have focus problems or any other symptoms of a problem we see.

We are here to help and so excited to see you at our office!


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