How To Get Them To Eat Healthy So They Grow Up Making Healthy Choices

Teach them to eat healthy to make healthy choices

Every parent wants their child to grow up to live a healthy life.  

Parents talk to us about wanting to help their children avoid the pain of the obesity epidemic  They want to teach healthy habits to their children and the overall influence food has on us.

None of us want our kids to have to go through the pain and struggle of obesity and disease.  We want them to be healthy, happy, build an amazing life and be a contributing member to society.  Right?

This is such a big responsibility that it’s easy to get bogged down with the information overload so readily available by a simple Google search.

Let’s simplify it for you. 

The three things that will make the biggest impact on your kids health as they grow…that you can start moving toward TODAY.  (Don’t you love simple and actionable?!)

1. Lower chemicals.

It makes sense, the less chemicals we have in our body, the better our body and brain can function.  Function meaning, regulating our digestive system, sensory system and immune system (and all the other systems in our body).

The fastest way we lower the chemicals we take in, is by controlling what we put in our mouths.  So the most obvious one is lowering the amount of processed food we make available to our family.

What is processed food?  

Processed food is pre-made food.  It’s the boxed items at the grocery store, and the prepared-for-you options from a fast food drive thru.  

These items are simple to find, usually inexpensive and oh so tempting to grab especially on a crazy-busy day.  

The downside is they require chemicals to process, prepare and preserve them.  Chemicals that we then put into our bodies when we eat them.

By reducing the amount of chemicals a child has in their body, the brain can do it’s “in-contol” job much easier.

2. Eat together.

Eating together creates many beautiful opportunities.

One, eating together builds community with our family.  Have you ever looked at your child’s face and thought, “Wow!  When was the last time I looked at their face?”

It happens to all of us. 

There are so many days that we go through our day without realizing that we haven’t looked at each other’s faces and listened.  Really listened. 

Two, provides the opportunity for our children to have an example of eating habits and manners.  (which is very motivating for us as parents to eat healthy as well, right?)  

Three, they get the chance to make choices from the options we present them with.  

Parent:  “Here are your two options:  Would you like to choose this or this?”

Child:  “I don’t want that.’”

Parent:  “Okay, well these are our options today.  When you’re ready to pick which one of these you would like, let me know and you can eat.”

Practice.  It takes practice and consistency.  For all of us.

Four, by eating together we get the opportunity to teach them that a portion size is the size of the palm of their hand.

So eating together provides the chance to connect with each other, catch up on our day, get each other’s thoughts, practice our table manners and communication manners in addition to teaching healthy eating.

3. Be in the know.

Become empowered as a parent by knowing how well your child’s digestive system is working.

How can you know how well it’s working…with certainty?

Measure it.  Just like with anything in life, we must measure to know.  

The way we measure the brain’s ability to control the digestive system is by a simple, painless neurological scan.  The results of the scan show us exactly how well your child’s brain is regulating their digestive system.

Why does it matter if the brain is in control and able to regulate the digestive system? 

The brain controls everything in the body.  

What if your child’s brain is not able to control digestion well?  They eat great food, even great supplements…and their stomach isn’t breaking it down well.  

So the nutrients are not getting digested well, therefore it’s not getting absorbed.  

How it works:  The digestive system is what absorbs nutrients and eliminate wastes.    

We eat and the food is broken down.  With the food broken down, the nutrients are available to be absorbed.  

After the digestive system breaks down the food, we have to get rid of toxins and wastes.  (Out the other end.)

So if somewhere along the digestive way, the sequence is disrupted and absorption or elimination isn’t happening.  That’s a good indication that the brain isn’t able to regulate the digestive system. 

That means, you can feed your kids the best organic food and be following the most amazing supplement system…and it’s doing good.

But man, it’s fighting this battle back and forth.

What happens when the digestive system isn’t breaking food down and/or eliminating toxins well?  

It becomes toxic.  It becomes imbalanced.  And ultimately becomes unhealthy.  

So, with the brain in control and able to regulate the digestive system, the body is able to properly absorb nutrients.  Therefore, health is able to happen.

Our goal is that the body function of your kids is as good as possible.  Once the brain and body is in balance, then your child can be at their optimum health.

Do you know how well your child’s digestive system is being regulated and controlled by their brain?  Probably not. Most people don’t.  

Lowering the amount of chemicals put into the body, eating together creating trust, reliability and community, and measuring how well the brain is able to regulate the digestive system are the three biggest, fastest ways you can have the greatest impact in your child’s healthy habits.

Once the brain is in control, suddenly life is peaceful and joyful again.  

Click here to contact us and we’ll get your child set up for a neurological scan to find out.

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