How To Make Home Life Work With A Sensory Kid

Does it seem like everyone else has it easy?

They have ‘mild-mannered’ children, peaceful family dinners, good grade reports, no behavior problems…

Those aren’t the kids we see the most in our office. If you feel like you have everything except that fantastic list above, you’ll fit right in with us. We specialize in kids with sensory processing disorder.

Listen To The Sensory System

Our focus is to listen to your child’s sensory system. Specifically the messages that are coming from the spine. If the spine is not working properly, the brain is not able to give or receive the proper information to run all the systems of the body, including the sensory system.

When we get this cleared up – the results are amazing.

We’ve seen changes in behaviors, improvements in the immune system, and children simply being able to handle stress better.

When the spine is all clear – meaning, functioning correctly and the EMG scan shows it – and the child still exhibits some sensory issues…

Then What?

Once the spine is clear, one of the most beneficial therapies for the sensory system is occupational therapy.

The sensory system is the way our bodies perceive information. All of us hear, see, taste, touch, and smell differently than someone else.

When the sensory system isn’t regulated, it needs to be balanced out. Occupational therapists are specifically trained in tuning the system to help the brain receive information in a way that can be used for more functional performance.

In other words, routines that we take for granted such as brushing our teeth, having the focus to put icing on a batch of Christmas cookies, having a family meal together…for families with kiddos that have a sensory processing disorder, more times than not, these activities are out of the question.

Once the sensory system is regulated, your child’s brain is able to receive and process information.

So that looks like…a morning routine or your child being able to brush their teeth or your family being able to have a family meal together that you couldn’t have before because now your child is able to tolerate all the sounds in the kitchen. Or maybe the taste of the food. Or the transition from coming home from school and now it’s family time.

How Does Chiropractic And Occupational Therapy Work Together?

A lot of times, individuals that have sensory processing disorder need to be able to have their spine aligned and have deep pressure input. This is the gift of the chiropractor.

The proprioceptive input your child’s brain gains from their work with the chiropractor allows their brain to then have the ability to reframe behaviors. That’s where the occupational therapist comes in.

Once a kiddo is aligned through chiropractic care, then the occupational therapist can intervene right away and begin working on those sensory issues that are left…by modulating (‘tuning’) the sympathetic nervous system.

What Happens Once The Sympathetic Nervous System Is Tuned?

Once the sympathetic nervous system is tuned, the child can carry routines and practices learned in occupational therapy to the home to establish systems for peace, organization and cooperation in home life.

And that, my friend, is a beautiful thing.

Professional Tip:  As you’re ‘shopping’ for an occupational therapist, you want to choose one that works with established goals so you can measure success along the way or be able to tell where more focus needs to be turned for the best benefit for your child.

If issues of sensory processing disorder are not met and resolved in childhood, it carries over to adulthood.

We’ve learned that if sensory processing disorders are not diagnosed and treated when they’re kiddos, it will carry over and manifest into other behaviors in adulthood (overeating, aggressive behavior, self medicating with drugs and alcohol, etc.)

You’re exactly where you need to be. You’re here – and that shows you care. No greater gift can you give your child than time, attention and love.

Come in today.

Adapted from an interview with Jennifer Creighton, OT. Thank you, Jennifer!

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