How We Measure Your Child’s Stress And Why

Does it seem like your child is really stressed out one minute and then suddenly not – like the flip of a switch?

Do they have a short fuse? And then perhaps they’re sorry afterwards and not sure why they misbehave…

Have they been kicked out of daycares? Or their school?

Have they been aggressive toward other kids? Or teachers?

Are you worried about them being able to maintain friendships and make friends?

Here at Radiant Life we hear that all the time from parents just like you.

The majority of sensory information given to the brain comes through the movement of the spine.

Our brain isn’t able to engage without proper sensory input.
With the spine out of alignment, it’s very common for sensory input to the brain to be double – or more – the normal input. Everything’s louder, smells are stronger, tastes are stronger, touch is intense…

Because 80% of sensory input is sent to the brain from proper movement of the spine, if your child’s spine has dysfunctional movement the brain cannot get out of fight or flight mode which causes extreme responses from them.

We want your child to be able to overcome these sensory issues as it causes them so much stress.

When your child’s brain is locked in fight/flight it can’t focus and stays stressed out creating poor social and executive functioning which the brain uses to run everyday activities.

No wonder a quiet meal at a restaurant is impossible, a quick shopping trip takes no less than 45 minutes to 3 hours, playing at the park seems to always include a loud drama session…

So what if you could measure their stress?
Here at Radiant Life, we can measure the stress that your child’s body is communicating to their brain and being manifest through their extreme behavior.

Once we measure the stress your child’s body has, we help come up with a plan to help your child regain control. God made our body to regulate itself and work properly.

Mom and Dad – you’re the heroes here. We’re just here to help.

When your child’s body is able to regulate itself from a spine that is working properly, they are actually able to handle life much better. They’re able to handle stress and adapt to changing environments so much better.

And that is exactly what we want. Call – or DM us on Facebook – today.

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