“I was told that my son’s behavior was normal for his age. It turns out it wasn’t!”

So many parents who come to our office feel HOPELESS. They feel no one has ever seen or dealt with anything like their kid.

“Oh but you haven’t met mine yet..”

Trust us, we have.

Not that your kiddo isn’t unique, but their behavior issues are something we see at our office every day.

And here’s the best part: We get to watch this behavior struggle peel back more and more in each and EVERY child, every day! That just leaves you with your sweet, smart kid.

Just like God created them to be!

We just had one of these moms come in. She was at her wits end.

Day after day she watched her son struggle, just to be told by so many that it was “normal.”

“This was a phase,” she often heard. Sound familiar?

But she knew deep in her mama gut that there had to be a solution.

So she searched for answers and found us.

We’re so glad she did because once we addressed his sensory issues, the world looked a lot different not only for him, but for his concerned mama (a parent just like you!).


With our sensory system, we have our outside senses, right? Sight, feel, hearing, smelling, tasting.


But we also have our internal sensory system that’s the foundation of everything.

When this particular kiddo came to our office his internal sensory system was FOUR times normal.

His mom was told over and over again that he was normal, but after doing his neurology scan it was easy to see that his world was FOUR TIMES as stressful and uncomfortable as any “normal” kid.

This is what we’re here for.

We’re here for the mamas with the gut feeling that know that this isn’t “normal.”

We’re here to show you clear answers, clear scans, and a clear path to a true NORMAL.

Instead of googling and getting a million different “answers” or rather, TRIGGERS which are just something that stimulates the internal, foundational issue, message us! We will walk you through the googled triggers, or Rocket Fuels, that can be adding to the problem, but not solving the deeper issue.

Triggers or Rocket Fuels add to the problem.

Medication might for a short term block the problem.

We’re here to help with the foundational problem so that your kid can be set for LIFE.

It might sound too good to be true, but step into our office, message us, call us, and we’ll show you countless stories of families just like yours who have gotten help, and the hope they need moving forward.

God made the body to heal.

We’re just happy to help that process along.

We can’t wait to hear from you!


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