Imagine not being able to take your kid ANYWHERE..

Imagine not being able to take your kid ANYWHERE.

Dreading doctors appointments, family events, or social events of any kind..

Waiting for the next outburst, tantrum, or just the overly hyper activity.

If you’ve felt this way, you aren’t alone.

A mom at our office shared with us that this is what she thought life was forever going to be like. She was struggling!

After coming to our office, she just reported back that they had an appointment the night before where they had to wait 45 minutes!! Sounds like a would be nightmare with this kind of kid, right?

As she waited for the all too familiar outburst, it never came.

WHAT?! Can you even imagine as a mother who has had an overly hyper child, for the

m to sit and wait 45 minutes at an appointment?

This is possible!!

It doesn’t have to be an endless cycle of frustration.

This mom’s kiddo was revved up! His brain needed to be calmed down so he could just be comfortable in his skin. He needed his brain to calm down so he could calm down.

We love to walk moms and dads through this process so they can get to know who their kid truly is! We don’t change a kid’s personality, we just help peel back the layers so they can truly communicate how they’re feeling and calmly go through life, focused and clear minded.

This kid has a lot more work to do with us, but we’re excited to have a front row seat at watching his progress! He’s already doing so much better!

No more fearing doctors appointments.

No more wondering if we’ll make it through a whole family event.

No more crazy outbursts!

God is a God of order. He made our bodies to heal and regulate themselves.

If that sounds like something you’d like to experience, shoot us a message!

We’re excited to hear how we can help!

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