Speaking to the immune system

immune system

The immune system is the body’s defense against infection and illness.  And no surprise…the immune system is regulated and controlled by the brain.

So what is the secret to having a healthy immune system?

The secret to a healthy, happy immune system is for the brain to be able to get information to it and from it.  So the question becomes…

How does the brain get information?

The brain gets information to and from the body through the spine.  That’s the only way it’s able to get information in or out. To be more specific, the sensory system is the system that gets information to and from the brain to and from the body.

The sensory system consists of 7 senses…and we’ll talk about those another time.  I just want to point out that the cast majority of the sensory information the brain gets is from the movement of the spine.

That means health and development of the brain all relies upon the proper function of the spine.  

If A=B and B=C then we can know that A=C.

If the spine is able to communicate properly with the immune system and the immune system is able to communicate freely to the brain then we can know that the brain is in control.

How can we know?

On ourselves, it’s easy to know when something feels off in our health.  How can we know when a child’s immune system is struggling?

When a child’s immune system is struggling, there are signs and symptoms.  

Watch for these signs to know when your child’s immune system is working hard, and when there may be something more going on:

  • Fever
  • Fatigue/Exhaustion
  • No energy
  • Not hungry and not thirsty
  • Desire to not socialize
  • Constant runny nose
  • Itchy, watery eyes
  • Raspy breathing
  • Coughing

All of these symptoms are normal brain responses for our body to fight infection and heal. These signals show that the immune system is out of balance and is working hard to achieve balance again by fighting off the attackers.

A problem in the spine is called a subluxation.  

A subluxation causes communication to be inhibited or blocked.  

When that happens, the brain can’t get the proper information from the systems.  And with the brain as the control center of the body…if there’s a problem in the immune system, it’s not able to get the news to the brain.  

Therefore, the brain doesn’t know to send out reinforcements.

Constant ear infections is a common sign of a struggling immune system in a little one.

A subluxation (problem) in the neck causes the brain to go into survival mode and ‘lock down’, so to speak.  When that happens, the muscles of the neck and all around ‘lock down’ which causes a domino effect blocking the drainage system.

So now, not only is their whole body smaller, the drainage system is blocked and therefore not able to drain.  When drainage has no way to get out…it causes problems (to put it mildly, right?).

No one knows your child like you.

The smallest problem in a child’s spine, if untended, will create constant illness.  If these comments resonate with you, there is help.

“If there’s anything going around, my child gets it.  Every time.”

“We’ve spent all we can with insurance and deductibles this year already and my son is still sick.”

“The hardest part is seeing her sick all the time.”

“They’ve had so many antibiotics, now they’re immune to them.  It’s scary.”

Sound like something you could say?  Or perhaps you have said them?

Follow these steps and get some freedom from constant illness, sick days and doctor bills.

Step 1

Fill out this form or call our office at 402-915-0846

Step 2

Bring your child in for an emg scan.  

The visit will take about 30 minutes on two different days.  

Day 1 we hear about your child’s struggles and scan their spine.  

Day 2 we walk you thru a printout of what we learn from the scan and give your child their first adjustment.  The cost of that whole process is $100.

Step 3

Finally learn if and how much disconnection your child’s spine is struggling with and how hard your child’s brain has to work to make the organs work properly.

Our bodies are so good at keeping the balance of health running smoothly when everything in our nervous system is in proper order.

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