Is this stopping your little from summer fun?

Chasing fireflies. Long bike rides. Cooling off in the pool. Hopscotch on the sidewalk.

There’s nothing like summertime fun as a kid!

And there’s nothing worse as parents than having to watch your child miss out on the fun of childhood in the summer because they have an ear infection. Again.

Do you ever think, “I just want to know what will work without feeling like we’re spinning our wheels.”?

“I want to feel like we’re making some progress.” Ever feel like you just want your child to be able to get out there like all the other kids?

Perhaps you’re anxious for the time when they feel like participating. To be able to enjoy summer as a kid. It would be so wonderful to be able to look in their face and not see pain there.

You’ve been through so much since the moment they were born. You’ve even learned an entirely different language just to be able to communicate together.

After all, what may sound like the same scream actually means many different emotions…Hunger. Anger. Loneliness. Fatigue. Frustration. Disappointment. Boredom. Pain. You’ve had to learn the language of your child’s effort to express a need without having the vocabulary yet.

You’ve noticed, the key is you. You remaining calm with an even tone of voice. Sometimes that’s really tough and you deserve a medal of honor.

Now it’s summer…with watermelon-eating days and lightning-bug-catching warm nights, and your child is sidelined with another ear infection. As a parent, we know there are times that you know something more must be going on. Something that hasn’t been reached or corrected by medicine and dr visits.

It can be discouraging. Maybe a little frightening. Maybe that’s where you are now.

If that’s you – if your little one is having one ear infection after another – we want you to know, the problem is identifiable, reachable and healable.

You need to know, your child is NOT destined to have continual ear infections, unable to enjoy summer fun if you take action now. COME IN TODAY and let’s get started.

Here’s what’s happening…It’s very possible that when your child was born, there was an unintentional injury to the top of their neck bringing them into this world.

Unknown to you and your little one, this injury created a communication hiccup in their immune and sensory systems causing their little body to be put into fight or flight mode.

In fight or flight, the body did what it was designed to do and the immune system was automatically suppressed. This causes continuous illness which, like a domino effect, weakens the immune system further and they continue to get sick.

What will help is a hands-on pediatric chiropractor to identify and adjust them so their body can heal as it was designed to do.

By addressing the injury (ie, the root cause), a specific chiropractic adjustment restores proper balance and alignment to the neuro-spinal system, and thus can help restore balance and function to your little one’s immune system.

Ultimately allowing their brain to gain the needed information and access to healing and proper function for health, growth and development.

Depending on the severity and length of time these injuries have been there, repeated adjustments lead to an improvement in behavior, digestion, immunity, learning, and sleep, not to mention a normal fun-filled life as a kid!

Sound good? Yes!The sooner we start, the sooner your child will be out running and playing and enjoying their summer. If your child has continuous ear infections, and you know in your gut that something deeper is going on COME IN TODAY.

Few things are as hard for a parent as watching their child get sick over and over. Our own, Dr Hira has prepared a free webinar explaining ear infections. It’s coming up on July 31st at 8 pm and filling fast. Reserve your seat today. She will walk you thru step by step exactly what’s going on in your child’s body and what can be done. If your child has recurring ear infections, you don’t want to miss it! Reserve your seat now.

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