Is Your Child Inflamed?

The Good, The Bad, and The Truth

At Radiant Life we keep things simple so our conversation today will remain that way if you don’t mind. Inflammation. Everyone has heard about it but what is it exactly? We have doctors tell us that it is good for healing while other doctors are stating it is the cause of all disease or the cause of sensory struggles related to autism and ADHD. Hopefully you don’t mind if I lay these concepts out plainly for you.

What’s Inflammation And When Is It Good?

Inflammation is what our body does to heal something that is irritating it. Inflammation is a good or bad process depending on how long the body has been irritated. When the body is irritated do you think it is stressed out? You Bet! If your child breaks their arm or gets sick their body immediately inflames to heal the body. This is a much needed process to heal because it floods your body with hormones to break down tissue, wash bacteria/viruses away, and rebuild what components were broken down.

When Is It Bad?

Now, when your child eats processed food often (chemicals) or does not move much then the body becomes stressed out ALL THE TIME. The body is trying to heal but cannot get ahead. How does this help your child stay healthy? It doesn’t, does it? It actually sets your child up for disease by weakening their immune system and pushing their GAS PEDAL constantly. What happens when we push the gas pedal on our cars constantly without stopping? That’s right! They burn out and break down (sickness, delayed development, stress, etc…).

What Can You Do?

First, understand where stress comes from. If we keep it really simple let’s think back to how do we feel stressed out… We sense it!

  • Sense of Gravity:

Any time our senses become overstimulated our brain gets pushed to the limit. We all know how we feel as parents when we are stressed. No focus, discomfort, short temper, no motivation for what others think we should do, and so on. What can you do for yourself and your kids? Get them to a pediatric chiropractor. Your sense of gravity is by far the most important sense to the brain and is primarily found in the spine. How often is gravity pulling on us? ALL THE TIME! So if this sense is off your child’s brain remains locked in GAS PEDAL mode. We see tremendous results reducing stress and inflammation every time with parents and kids after their adjustements!

  • The Other 6 Senses:

After the sense of gravity is corrected then the other senses are extremely important! Brain Balance Centers are amazing for high functioning kids with some sensory struggles. If your child has more extreme sensory struggles then local therapy centers like Kidability and Stones Worth Stepping are where I would guide you. Sensory integration will play a huge role in reducing your child’s stress.

  • Food:

Remove processed chemicals, dyes, and fillers. The easiest way to help your child is to use fruits, vegetables, and meat in it’s natural form. Let them help pick it out and cook it. This brings family bonding as well as gets them learning where meals really come from. Not from a box… Eventually they will be able to prepare their own meals and cut down on the time you have to spend cooking 🙂

  • Environment:

Last but not least, a positive comfortable environment with plenty of activity. Movement is what feeds the brain. Without movement your child’s brain is unable to work up to it’s potential. This being said, a proper working spine also makes or breaks the potential your child will reach through movement. A worn out child is a happy healthy child. Keep the environment positive and watch their mood and stress level change!

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