Let’s Move Forward

Many times when talking with parents they realize the chioces made by their younger selves contributed to the state of their child’s current health struggles (as well as their own). We’re dealing with kids who are getting chronic ear infections, struggling with sensory problems and focus, and digestive systems that are working very poorly. Getting caught in the guilt of “What if?” is a way to become submissive to the future and see few changes in your child’s health. Let’s take a look.

he place this usually happens is when we are talking about your child’s birth. Realizing that as American’s our common birth practices actually raise the risk of health problems as well as continued interventions. Pregnancy is now a worrisome process of testing and fearful unlikely possibilities. The birth is expected to be on your back with little movement which eliminates gravity and the natural shifting of the pelvis to get your baby out more easilty. Then, mothers are given medications to speed up, slow down, not feel, not care, etc… without ever being told the reprecussions.

This is the dilemma many parents face when they are in our office. Every aspect of the last paragraph adds to the likelyhood of damage to the neck of their child. This is called SUBLUXATION and it is what we check kids for at our office. Ultimately, damage to the bodily controls of the immune system, digestive system, development system, stress management system, and many more in their child. Hence, why they are in our office in the first place.

Any time this point becomes apparent in your life, KNOW THIS…

You are an amazing parent. You have been given an opportunity to raise a beautiful child. They rely on you to make the best decisions you are able with the knowledge you have. If we get overwhelmed by guilt and worry of making a poor decision again we will cause our child to live with struggles that are never addressed. NOW, if we choose to educate ourselves and understand what is happening with our child then we have opened up a world of change and peak potential. Most likely a potential your child would have never reached!

Go forward. Seek to understand what you do not. Make a choice to stay in your current reality or to take charge and make your future brighter!

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