Life’s Stressful, We’re Not.

As a doctor at Radiant Life, it’s our privilege to get to calm kiddos’ brains down all day, every day. Well.. during office hours at least.


It is an honor to get to come to work knowing we get to set the foundation of a kid’s neurology and better help them with essentially every aspect of their life. We get to set them up for success. We get to see a million little miracles every day.

We share in the frustration with the family who can’t find a solution to what’s happening with their child.

They’re lost.

They’re hopeless.

They have googled and searched, desperate for an answer that will help their kid’s needs.

Then they find us.¬†We love getting to be their “Hope Dealer.”

We love that we know we have at the very least the start to their solution. Then we get to watch these kids turn into the kids their parents know they are. We get to watch these kids learn their own potential!

It’s our favorite thing to hear how these kids gain confidence in themselves as they learn that they really can focus. Often, as these kids feel better, they bring in their “friends” (or stuffed animals) so they can “feel better too.”

That’s how this works!

When you start to feel better, you want others to feel better too!

When life is stressful, we’re excited to be the place that’s not. Instead of adding to stress, it’s quite literally our job to take that stress away.

Let us know any and all questions you have! We’re better than Google, we have answers that actually can help your family.

We look forward to talking with you soon!

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